utterly simple baked sweet potato doughnuts.

As I compose this very {sweet} post, while resting upon the absolute loveliest pale pink throw blanket, it is nearly ten o’clock p.m. Though the average American teenager has most-likely (I suppose I am assuming here) adopted regular nocturnal habits, I personally have never been one to stay up past the hour of nine, or so. However, for several weeks now I have been plagued by frequent, entirely dreadful bouts of insomnia. Sleep may be elusive at the moment, but, following a lengthy period of grumbling to my family members about my inability to obtain any shut-eye, I mindfully decided to view the glass half-full, taking a positive view of the matter, so to speak. The day’s initial hours (the wee hours of the morn) are now put to considerable use by myself. Tonight, for instance, I accomplished a substantial amount of US History homework, and I wholly intend to complete a chapter of English within the next hour. Oh, and in this very instant, I am writing these (just slightly tedious) words.

Shall we discuss baked doughnuts, now? Yes? I completely agree.

Despite having prepared various dishes and desserts with pumpkin in the past, I had yet to experiment with puree of the sweet potato variety. Last weekend thisΒ oh-so-important issue was finally rectified. With doughnuts, of course. The baked sort… the best sort.

Prior to baking, I generously sprinkled turbinado sugar over the pretty-pretty batter. Ooh, and I created a GIF for you! Yay!

I profess my sincere love for autumnal baking fairly often, but oh, this is a subject I simply must touch upon again. During the spring and summer, my desire to concoct sugary goods in the kitchen seriously lessens… hmmm, perhaps this is due to the rather uncomfortable, warm weather that occurs frequently throughout the sunny months? Whatever the reason, it is an unpreventable fact that has me pining for fall nine, seemingly endless, months out of the year – January through September are utterly unbearable, Β 90% of the time.

Thankfully, summer has come to an end, at long last. Thus far, I have taken a great deal of advantage of our current, downright delightful (pumpkin-y, apple-y, halloween-y) season.

Because, sweet potatoes.

Also, doughnuts.

These are a new favorite of mine.

You’ll love them – promise!

[cft format=0]

Have a wonderful first week of fall!

… and bake doughnuts.



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4 comments on “utterly simple baked sweet potato doughnuts.”

  1. So gorgeous, love the gif! πŸ™‚

  2. Love your GIF! I can never get mine to loop πŸ™ and these doughnuts look delicious – love the sweet potato! Yum πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Rachel!! If you need any help with your GIFs, shoot me an e-mail. I know how to get them to loop using Photoshop CC. πŸ™‚