Weekend Things

It’s Sunday, Sunday! Shall we celebrate with a fresh ‘Weekend Things’ post? I think so.

This past week I discovered the satisfying ease and joy that is grocery home-delivery service… itty bitty excursions to the supermarket have become rather tedious, as of late, and I was simply thrilled to realize that the numerous ingredients required for my extensive baking endeavors could be effortlessly transported straight to my front door.

Ah, perhaps we’ll discuss this matter just a tad more in the near-future. Now, let’s get to life and links, yes?

On Instagram: This week’s Instagram favorites, of mine:

Frolic Chocolate: The images Renee shares are utterly lovely, in all respects. I am so, so fond of her unique style and remarkable food photography skills.

Two Red Bowls: Cynthia’s innate talent is phenomenal, awe-inspiring, incredible. Her stunning snapshots are entirely lovely, and I adore the mysterious, shadowy elements her photographs possess.

Molleigh Ann: Beautiful. Charming. Delightful. These were the first three adjectives that came to mind as I scrolled through Molleigh Ann’s feed (for, oh, the hundredth time?) just a mere moment ago. Her pictures are the absolute prettiest.

My Life: Just everyday happenings…

New York, New York! As quite a few of you may be aware, I spent several days in New York City earlier this October… and have yet to compose a detailed post documenting the sights and attractions I came across while roaming about the magnificent metropolis. I’ll be sharing my experiences soon – promise! Until then, you can click here to view a dozen or so of the photographs I shot while exploring Manhattan. 

While wandering through the aisles of our sweet little neighborhood antique shop this past Thursday, I came across the most adorable, pocket-sized gingerbread-man cookie cutter. I purchased him, of course, and within a day had proceeded to whip up a decidedly large batch of ginger cookies. Christmas sweets in October, anyone?

Ooh, and coconut oil may just be my new favorite thing. More on this to come.

Around the Web: Bits and pieces from the internet!

I heart these sweaters ~ Cookie Perfection ~ These photographs... love. ~ Can this be my room? Please? ~ I’m obsessed with Food52. ~ Need. ~ Ooh, pumpkin and molasses? I’m officially intrigued!


– Abby

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