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(Before I begin my nonsensical ramblings, I’d like to thank the amazing/hilarious/crazy-nice New York City expert Jordana for her recommendations on where to go and what to see in this lovely urban area. Without the advice I would have been totally lost!) 

I heart New York. It is a lively, bustling metropolis unlike any other in the world… the unique character it possesses just can’t be replicated.

This past October my mother and I spent a total of three days (five, if you include the arduous travel time) in NYC. Though both of us had visited briefly in the past (her with her mother over twenty years ago, myself with my father and younger brother in 2010), this experience by-far surpassed our somewhat (embarrassingly) low expectations. All I can say is, wow. New York is magic. It’s pure magic.

While wandering about the swarming streets of Manhattan, we of course took part in numerous touristy activities, which ranged from purchasing candied nuts on a street corner to a completely spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment decision to enter the Empire State Building.

Ooh, and I took pictures! Yay! (my mom was kind enough to treat me to a new lens… slash early birthday present … on our first morning in the city. thanks, mom!)

As for where I went during my stay…

Broadway – Following a lengthy evaluation of Broadway’s current musicals, my mother and I decided on The Lion King, a classic, simply-can’t-go-wrong sort of play. And oh, it was just incredible! I highly recommend it, particularly if you find creative costume design inspiring.

Times Square – In spite of the highly overwhelming, hectic hustle-and-bustle, I fell head over heels in love with Times Square.

Central Park – So pretty-pretty! If only I’d had a full day to explore… this park is utter (outdoor!) perfection.

Madison Square Garden – My mom convinced me to attend a New York Ranger’s hockey game with her… I agreed solely because of the game’s location: Madison Square Garden! I actually enjoyed myself, much to my own surprise – though I did misplace (well, lose) my lens cap amidst the crowds.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral – A remarkable, not-to-be-missed place of worship.

Flatiron Building – It took my mother and I several hours to locate this phenomenal structure… but was it ever worth the lengthy trek. What breathtaking architecture.

5th Avenue – Oh-so-lovely! Truthfully, need I say more?

The Statue of Liberty – “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” – Emma Lazarus (I just adore this quote.)

The Waldorf Astoria – History. Luxury. Grandeur & Gorgeousness.

The Union Square Greenmarket – I am so, so fond of this delightful little farmer’s market! The goodies were just tremendous. Honey. Produce. And lavender flowers (gasp!). In other words: heaven on earth.

The Empire State Building – Our visit here was rather impulsive – we had no intention of going, you see, but happened to pass by and thought, “Why not?”. It was an awe-inspiring experience. That view…

Grand Central Terminal – A downright beautiful station… oh, I wanted to go to all the places!

Strand Book Store – Can I pretty please move into this store? Please, please, please?

Washington Square Park/NYU Campus Area – My mother and I were positively blown away by the lovely university atmosphere… what a pleasant park & learning setting.

The High Line – From an abandoned railway to an extraordinary elevated park: impressive and totally, entirely wonderful.

Carnegie Deli – For sandwich-y things… go here.

Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, & Carnegie Hall are absolute must-sees, as well. 

Oh, and we barely scratched the surface! On the to-do list for next time (because there will most-certainly be a ‘next time’!): Ellis Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, Chelsea Market, The Metropolitan Museum of Art… I could go on and on.


gossip girl  Abby

( ^^^ sorry about that, I just couldn’t resist)

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6 comments on “New York City”

  1. I always enjoy looking at your photographs Abby. Looks like you and your mom had a lovely stay in the Big Apple!

  2. Beautiful photos, I especially love the fruit at the Greenmarket!

  3. oooh also go see the Museum of Natural History next time!

    I love all the places you went and I’m so excited to go for my own visit next month! I’m ready to (briefly) reunite with my city!

    • Thanks for the comment, Kayle!

      I’ll totally check out the Museum of Natural History next time I’m in the city. I’m so sad that I missed it!! 🙁

      And… yaaay! Have fun in NY next month! 😀