Miniature Cinnamon Pecan Loaves & Dark Hot Chocolate (vegan, if you so prefer)

Though I frequent a variety of quaint little shops, and simply adore the lovely products that stores such as Pier 1 and World Market invariably offer, my absolute favorite destination for decorating/baking supplies is a charming little antique mall located merely ten minutes or so from my home. I could wander through the countless delightful, itsy-bitsy booths for hours upon hours, hunting for pretty-pretty vintage bundt pans (which I finally acquired just over a week ago. yay!) and other miscellaneous treasures. The miniature, rather beaten up chalices featured below were discovered on quite a happy occasion, and I am so very fond of them… as regular readers may be aware.

This past week I was fortunate enough to antique not just once, but twice, and the numerous items I uncovered are positively enchanting. I mean… rustic silverware, frayed tablecloths, and old-fashioned tea sets?

Yes, please! I’ll take one (or ten) of each…

Now, shall we discuss cinnamon-y, chocolatey things? I think so.

Cinnamon is typically my spice of choice; it livens up baked goods tremendously and never fails to evoke pleasant holiday memories. Ooh, and the aroma that wafts from the oven while your sweet, autumnal treat bakes? Utter perfection.

Hmm, but what ingredient could possibly complement the intense flavor cinnamon provides successfully? Pecans, perhaps? Yes, yes, yes! (Can you sense my excitement here?)

This is an ideal, totally scrumptious fall dessert (or breakfast!). A vegan alternative for the beverage is included within the recipe instructions beneath the final image (though there isn’t one for the loaves. apologies! maybe try these instead?). Hip hip hooray! Hot chocolate for everyone today!

I do hope you enjoy… this one’s yummy! (insert smiley face emoji here)

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8 comments on “Miniature Cinnamon Pecan Loaves & Dark Hot Chocolate (vegan, if you so prefer)”

  1. oooooooooh HEAVEN! I love these loaves and obvious….dark hot chocolate….mmmmmm

  2. This all looks so decadent and delicious!! I could so go for some hot chocolate right now – yum!

  3. What darling little loaves, cinnamon and pecan is one of my favorite combinations!

  4. I love that these can be vegan!

    Miniature loaves definitely beat the regular kind, especially with pecan and cinnamon!