{from the archives} baked doughnuts, pear cake, pumpkin soup, & more

Happy, Happy Wednesday, all!

I realize that today’s update is a bit of a cheat – I have a quite a few *new* recipes & photographs to share with you in the coming months, worry not -, but I thought I would post a few goodies from the Lace & Lilacs archives today.

As those of you who follow along on social media are aware, I spent last week baking up a number of yummy desserts in my itty bitty kitchen. I was, therefore, unable to blog… so, I shared the following recipes (once again) on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, & Twitter.

If you happened to miss these sweet treats… here’s a little roundup for you! Enjoy.


Breakfast Inspiration: 1 Baked Pumpkin Spice Doughnut + 1 Small Mug Black Coffee + 1 Banana, Sliced


Lunch Inspiration: 1 Cup Pumpkin Soup + 1 Slice Crusty French Bread + A Small Spinach or Garden Side Salad + 1 Apple, Sliced


Breakfast Inspiration: 1 Square Pear Cake + 1 Tea + 1/2 Peeled Persimmon 


Recipe Inspiration: Peanut Butter Cake, Cranberry Sauce, & Ginger Cookies


Dessert Inspiration: 1 Slice Pumpkin Poundcake + 1 Dollop Whipped Cream + 1 Glass Cold Milk


– Abby

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4 comments on “{from the archives} baked doughnuts, pear cake, pumpkin soup, & more”

  1. Craving that pumpkin pound cake and whipped cream! So good!

    • Thank you, Matea! That cake is a favorite of mine… it’s so good with whipped cream and/or a bit of vanilla ice cream 😀

  2. No better way to spend the week then baking 🙂
    and those doughnuts sound and look delish!