Chocolate Cake

Happy Thursday, Everyone!

I returned home from my brief visit to France two days ago, and am so looking forward to sharing two new travel posts with you all. Yay! (Because, Paris!)

Now, let’s chat about nonsense for a moment before discussing this yummy chocolate cake, okay?

So… this cake.

Decadent, rich, chocolatey deliciousness. That is this cake.

The recipe is (barely adapted) from the lovely Molly of My Name Is Yehs Marzipan Moose Cake, which she herself based off Magnolia Bakery’s cupcakes. It’s amazing. Seriously. (And freezes remarkably well, so don’t worry about eating/serving/decorating all four layers at once!)

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xoxo! (Go bake a cake!)

– Abby

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20 comments on “Chocolate Cake”

  1. I love how dark and rich this chocolate cake looks, simply divine!

  2. This chocolate cake looks so rich and chocolate-y! Love your tips for how to make each layer a separate dessert (one layer crumbled over ice cream!! That’s brilliant! 🙂 )

  3. 1-omg I WISH that we were getting a That 90’s show! lol
    2-that pb sprinkle cake!! *drool*…AND THOSE HOT CROSS CINNAMON BUNS! mmmmmm
    3-THIS CAKE looks so chocolatey and dense and delightful! I love it!

    • Hahah, thanks, Kayle!!
      And yah, I wanted the That ’90s Show article to be true SO badly.
      I heart that PB cake and those hot cross cinnamon buns are genius, right?!
      And this cake is delicious. <3 xoxo

  4. Um, wow!! This cake looks totally delicious and the richness is clear across the screen! Pinning 🙂

  5. Abby, this is my kind of cake, perfectly moist and dark! It looks delicious.

  6. This cake looks divine! I love your idea of making four separate single layer cakes and freezing them. Great idea! Xo

  7. Oh Abby, this cake looks SO dark and decadent and moist – I’m loving it!!

  8. I haven’t made a chocolate cake for a while! This looks so decadent. I love it!

  9. Ah, I love Molly Yeh!!!! And I LOVE Chocolate Cake. Looks divine.

  10. yum abby!! this cake looks sooo deliciously moist!
    great shot!
    and i can’t wait to see all your beautiful Paris photos 🙂