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~ thoughts ~

  • Hi-hi! I hope you all had a lovely weekend/Easter celebration. We (my family & I) had a mini egg hunt on Sunday morn and then proceeded to eat quite a bit of chocolate. I also saw Insurgent (finally) and it was nice, I suppose. By far better than Divergent. I’m not much a fan of dystopian/action films, though, so…
  • On the above tea photographs: I shot them this past November – and they’ll look familiar to any longtime Lace & Lilacs reader because – this. I didn’t share these images in that particular post, and they’ve been sitting in a file on my desktop for nearly six months now. It’s high time they were put to use.
  • The muffins were baked & photographed around the same time as the aforementioned tea, but the recipe (unfortunately), was a complete and utter failure/disaster. They were far too sticky and could barely be pried loose from the pan. Ah, well. Someday I’ll perfect them.
  • I’m reading Hollow City at the moment, and am loving it so far. In fact, I added it to my 50 Books to Read in 2015 list (replacing the ‘magic’ novel that was there previously… sorry, Percy Jackson).
  • Okay, and this video is the cutest.

~ links ~

(Cupcake) Perfection ♥ Cake & Cookie Love ♥ I adore this ♥ If you need a laugh ♥ Loveliness ♥ 1 Bowl Chocolate Hazelnut Cake – OMG ♥  So, this is an actual thing – I can’t wait to try!


– Abby

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6 comments on “lovely little things: photographs. thoughts. links.”

  1. Those muffins look scrumptious, I’m so sorry they were a failure. Lovely tea shots!

    • Thanks, Laura!! I’m going to give those muffins another try soon… hopefully I’ll get it right this time. xx

  2. I’m sorry the muffins didn’t work out. They’re stunning!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing my bars! Those muffins look fab- can’t believe they didn’t work xx