seashells, ceramics, & Dima Gurevich’s modern handmade designs (SCULPTUREinDESIGN GIVEAWAY & DISCOUNT)

Hi-Hi, Everyone!

Today I have a rather special little post to share, in regards to the work of Dima Gurevich and his incredible Etsy shop. There may just be a giveaway involved… hurrah!

Ah, now where shall I begin?

Ooh, with the lovely bowl holding the seashells in the above photograph, yes? Yes.

Perhaps… two months ago, or so, I received an e-mail from Dima, a sculptor & designer based out of Jerusalem, Israel. Shortly after exchanging brief introductions, we arranged a collaboration between SCULPTUREinDESIGN and Lace & Lilacs. The artist himself was kind & generous enough to send me a delightful ceramic hands dish, and has provided one for me to give away, as well.

Also! Also! For a 20% Discount to the entirety of Dima Gurevich’s store, enter the coupon code LACELILACBLOG before making your final purchase. 

(This discount is valid for two months.)

Now, a statement by Dima on his original work:

Now, before I get all chatty-chatty and begin rambling on about thoroughly irrelevant subjects… Let’s discuss the giveaway details!

To enter to win a Modern Ceramics White Hands Serving Bowl, simply submit a comment below. For 1 additional entry, follow Lace & Lilacs on Instagram, Twitter, and/or ‘like’ on Facebook.

This giveaway will remain open until May 6th, 2015 at 11:59 pm (Midnight) Pacific Standard Time.

The randomly selected winner of the giveaway will be notified by e-mail shortly after the 6th of May. Dima Gurevich will mail you the item himself from Israel, and I’ll send you a little gift & note, as well.

This giveaway is now closed. To all who entered… Thank you! And to the winner… Congratulations!

Aren’t seashells just the prettiest little things? I cautiously scooped the delicate beauties into the hands bowl prior to shooting, admiring them all the while. Ooh, who remembers this post? I can’t believe nearly two years have passed since then. Time truly does fly.

Okay, a bit of news now! This is to be my last post of the month, as I’ll be out of town (and therefore way too busy to blog) from this weekend until early May. Trip photos are soon to come – yay!

My portfolio recently had an itty-bitty facelift! Check it out here.

And this. This, this, this. I am so happy.

Sending Hearts! ♥

– Abby

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129 comments on “seashells, ceramics, & Dima Gurevich’s modern handmade designs (SCULPTUREinDESIGN GIVEAWAY & DISCOUNT)”

  1. Such a beautiful bowl! I already have an idea what I would love to use it for: either a fruit bowl or for flower petals (I think spring-fever is starting to get to me… ) 🙂
    Mr. Gurevich has such an interesting back story, too! Visiting Israel one day is definitely on my bucket list.
    And congratulations on getting accepted to your college! I recently decided on which college to attend this fall, too; so exciting!!

    • Thanks so much, Matea! Flower petals would look so lovely in this bowl, as would fresh fruit <3
      And someday I hope to visit Israel, too! It's such a fascinating, historical place.
      And CONGRATULATIONS to you!!! 😀 xoxo

  2. I love seashells, those are so pretty! Now I’m craving a beach walk :).

  3. Goodness! I now see what I’ve been missing for my whole life! Being unfortunately landlocked, I’ve never had the pleasure of strolling down a beach every morning, gathering shells. But I love your photos of your shells!

  4. I love the imagery and the emotions this piece conjures.

  5. THis is such a gorgeous piece! Love it! Thanks for this giveaway! I followed on twitter as @acid666 on instagram as amylovell13 and on facebook as amy lovell

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    Stephanie La Plante

  13. The bowl is gorgeous. You are very talented at a young age.

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  22. This is Beautiful! Elegant and the piece tells a story. I would be honored to win this.

  23. the sculptured bowl, makes me think of the Hands of God.

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  25. Just Love Your Design!

  26. That is a very creative, unique piece of functional art!

  27. This is one of the most beautiful bowls. I really love the craftsmanship that was put into it. I would put sea shells in it – I have shells from two different parts of the country – from the beaches of California and Florida. I would love to win this bowl!

  28. The cupped hands are beautiful and convey a bounty of emotion.

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  52. Such a lovely bowl. I just want to fill it with shiny red apples!

    • Thanks, Samantha! Bright red apples would look absolutely gorgeous in this bowl. It’s a masterpiece. <3

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  56. Shells remind me the summer holidays with my family and i collect them since i was a child. The bowl is lovely <3
    Have a nice day!

  57. Oh my goodness,what a blessed talent you have.I would be proud to be able to own such a breathtaking art piece.I’m so glad I found you.can’t wait to see what you do next.thanks so very much for sharing.I truly enjoyed it.

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