Lampang, Thailand

This past April my family and I spent several days in the Thai town of Lampang, my paternal grandfather’s current home. If I’m being entirely honest, it is far from my favorite travel destination – but I suppose I’m more of a big city girl. I absolutely despise insects, also, and they are abundant in this particular region. Well, they’re abundant throughout all of Thailand, to be precise. I actually managed to have a decent time in spite of the pesky bugs and near-unbearable heat, however, and captured a few photographs while wandering about. From elephant rides, to wood carving, to ceramic factories… Lampang is an authentic Thai village worth a day or two of your time for the true Southeast Asian experience. Also: $6 full body Thai massages, people. Need I say more?

(I may not need to, but I’m going to, anyways. Below you’ll find a few images from my stay in Lampang, as well as a guide to the absolute must-see spots in this town. Enjoy!)

What To See/Do In Lampang, Thailand

  • The Thai Elephant Conservation Center This was perhaps the highlight of my recent Lampang visit… there’s nothing quite like watching elephants play soccer, perform tricks, and paint lovely, vibrant images with brushes tightly held in their trunks. You can purchase these works of art, by the way – I couldn’t resist buying three. An elephant ride here is an absolute must, as well… it’s an utterly unforgettable experience.
  • Indra Ceramics Outlet If you love ceramics (I adore them, myself) you have to pop into this incredible shop. If you’re low on cash after spending all your baht on original elephant paintings, however… you may just want to skip this. I wanted one of everything and easily could have bought out the store, had I the funds.
  • Dhanabadee Ceramic Museum More ceramics. Of course.

  • Chae Son National Park A lovely outdoor area with a waterfall, hot springs, and more.
  • Various Temples There are many, many temples in Lampang, as you may have guessed – It is Thailand, after all. Each one is unique, vivid, and definitely worth a brief stop.
  • Kad Kong Ta Street Market A genuine Thai market with affordable meals and oodles of local flavor.
  • Wood Carving Though you’ll most likely have to seek these itty bitty spots out, they are true gems. Thai natives with immense talent handcraft hundreds of original figurines, tables, chairs, & more. All are available for purchase.

I do hope you enjoyed today’s teeny ‘lil travel post. I’ll be back soon with more to share.

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13 comments on “Lampang, Thailand”

  1. I love the mood and colors of these photos, so enticing!

  2. I wish I can go to Thailand

  3. I’ve been to Thailand before, but not to Lampang. I’d love to visit the national park and street market! Gorgeous photographs 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  4. Omg Abby!!! I love hearing about your travels, especially this one! Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous too!
    I envy the fact that you got to ride on elephants and visit places to buy unique ceramics + wood pieces!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful time! 😀

  5. I have always wanted to visit Thailand but I wouldn’t know where to start! This looks like a lovely place!

    • Thanks so much for the comment, Poppy! If you have an opportunity to visit Thailand soon, definitely start your trip in Bangkok. The Grand Palace is absolutely incredible! <3

  6. I’m with you on the whole bug thing! Even so, these pictures are gorgeous and do such a wonderful job of capturing the magic of Thailand with so much texture and atmosphere. Beautiful, Abby!

  7. ohhhhh I love elephants!! how cool!