Weekend Things

It’s the Weekend… Hurrah! ❤️

Quite some time has passed since my last ‘Weekend Things’ installment, but that’s no excuse for abandoning the series entirely, correct? I created the bright red balloon GIF above especially for this ‘lil post. Hope that you’ll heart the life & links I’ve written about/included below!

Enjoy, and have a lovely day, friends. 

On Instagram: This Week’s Instagram Favorite of Mine:

Haleigh | Making Magique: I recently discovered Haleigh’s utterly fabulous feed, and fell in love with her stunning images and adorable, inspiring outfits.

By Lucy Claire | SD&LW: Lucy-Claire’s photographs are elegant, soft, & sweet. I ♥ them!

Faye | farfelueparis: Faye’s shots of Paris are so very beautiful. Just breathtaking; each & every one.

My Life: Everyday occurrences…

  • Quite a lot has been happening lately, from the recent commencement of the Lace & Lilacs Podcast to preparation for my upcoming move (more on this soon).  June was an absolute whirlwind. It’s exciting & fun & oh-so-thrilling, but I’m just ready to launch, you know? Did any of this make sense to you, lovelies? Probably not. Apologies for my inane ramblings.
  • My current TV obsession is Parks & Recreation. Just thought you ought to know. 😉

Around the Web: Bits and pieces from the internet!

This Sea Salt & Vanilla Fudge Chunk Ice Cream, Though. ♥ I Want Need All of These Sweaters. ♥ Ms. Sarah’s Photographs + Links Posts are Always Perfection. ♥ I Love the Composition of This Photo. ♥ Oh-Em-Gee. Dis Bunny! ♥ Yay Bec! You Go, Girl! ♥ This Is Beautiful. ♥ So Cute.

Sending Love & Positivity!

xx Abby

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12 comments on “Weekend Things”

  1. Happy weekend! I love your GIF, those balloons are so happy :).

  2. What a wonderful season of your life. I hope you are enjoying it despite the whirlwind feeling 🙂 Lucy Claire’s photographs are beautiful.

  3. Ohhhh what a wonderful set of links!!!!! And that .gif is so freaking wonderful! 😀

  4. Faye’s feed reminds me of Carin’s @parisinfourmonths! I can never get enough of Paris 🙂 / You & Lucy-Claire’s podcast is one of my highlights of the week :’) / Loving those fancy animals illustrations! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Thanks for the comment, Audrey! Carin’s feed is ah-mazing, too. And I agree – there’s no such thing as too much Paris. 🙂
      And aren’t those illustrations the prettiest?! <3

  5. Thankyou for featuring my Instagram, lovely! Ah! I’m just as much in love with yours! The commencement of our podcast was also SUCH an exciting moment!

    <3 <3

  6. loove that ballooon gif!

    and d’awww da bunny!!!