101 in 1001

101 in 1,001… 101 things to achieve in 1,001 days (about 2.75 years). Inspired by Ms. Lucy-Claire, who published her goals just yesterday. I absolutely adored the idea, and immediately began compiling a list of my own… here it is! ♥ (Apologies for the lack of photos this morn!)

Start Date: July 7, 2015

Finish Date: April 3, 2018

Tasks Completed: 42/101 (Bold + √ = Completed; Details in Italics)

✿ Personal ✿

1. Write In This Journal Once a Day
2. Obtain a Driver’s License
3. Go to a Concert √ (Completed 9/7/15; One Direction w/ Alyssa & Tatum)
4. Save Up for A New Camera/Lens; Buy It!
5. Take the 30 Day Minimalism Challenge
6. Read at Least 3 Books by Sarah Dessen
7. Watch Every Episode of a TV Show √
8. Watch the Sunrise & Sunset in the Same Day
9. Walk for 20 Minutes Each Day for a Year
10. Make a List of 25 Things I Like About Myself
11. Host a Harry Potter Movie Marathon Party
12. Host a Board Games Night
13. Identify 100 Things That Make Me Happy
14. Write a Letter to My Future Self √ (Completed 29/7/15 Here)
15. Remember to Have My Eyebrows Threaded Regularly (For At Least 6 Months 😉 ) √
16. Wear Heels At Least Once
17. Find A Go-To LipStain √
18. Vote in An Election
19. Subscribe to a Magazine
20. Read My Horoscope Every Week for at Least Six Months
21. Wear LipStain Everyday For a Month
22. Attend a Booksigning
23. Surprise Someone With a Gift or Random Act of Kindness √
24. Inspire Someone
25. Stay Up On New Year’s
26. Watch ‘Amélie’ √ (Completed 19/7/15)

✿ Paris ✿

27. Go to a Flea Market √
28. Become Competent in French
29. Stroll Along the Seine √
30. Picnic With Friends √
31. Visit Musée d’Orsay √ (Completed 30/8/15 w/ My Mom)
32. Visit Versailles √
33. Visit All of the Gardens in This Book
34. Ride on a Carousal
35. Go to At Least 5 Different Museums √
36. Participate in a Photography Lesson or Photo-Walk Outside of School
37. Introduce the City to My Cousin & Brother; Play Tourist √
38. Explore With My Camera at Least Twice a Month for a Year
39. See the Eiffel Tower at Night
40. Wear Something Cute Everyday For A Month, Even if I Don’t Go Out √
41. Go Inside the Notre Dame Cathedral √
42. Buy A Book at Shakespeare & Company Bookshop √
43. Take Pictures With an Umbrella in the Rain
44. Take Pictures in the Snow
45. Day Trip to Giverny
46. Go Ice Skating
47. Become Comfortable Taking the Metro w/o Looking at a Map √
48. Obtain a Yearlong Membership to The Louvre
49. Help Organize A Paris StellerMeet √ (Completed 27/9/15. Such a lovely day!)
50. See Snowfall √

✿ College ✿

51. Make Friends with Interests Similar to Mine √
52. Decorate My Apartment √ (Completed August 2015)
53. Learn How to Appropriately Manage Money
54. Become Comfortable Living Without My Parents & Traveling Alone √
55. Make a Monthly Budget & Stick to It
56. Skype My Family At Least Once √
57. Wash, Dry, & Organize My Laundry Promptly and Correctly √
58. Do Well in My Freshman Classes
59. Skype With My Shih-Tzu At Least Once √
60. Meet a Professional Photographer √

✿ Lace & Lilacs ✿

61. Launch an E-Magazine √ (Completed 3/8/15)
62. Create a Detailed Paris Travel Guide √
63. Reach 1,000 Followers on Instagram √
64. Reach 200,000 Followers on Pinterest
65. Introduce Contributors to L&L √
66. Collaborate With At Least One Parisian Blogger
67. Begin Style Blogging √ (Completed July 2015)
68. Sell One of My Photographs
69. Write a Blog Post in French
70. Update Lace & Lilacs at Least Once a Week
71. Host a Giveaway √
72. Have My Photography Published Somewhere √
73. Interview At Least 5 Bloggers √
74. Create At Least 3 New GIFS
75. Edit My ‘About’ Page Thoroughly
76. Publish A Steller Story Every Week for At Least a Month
77. Shoot More Florals & Still Lifes

✿ Travel ✿

78. Visit England
79. Travel Through Europe
80. Go to Iceland
81. Vist Loch Ness, Scotland
82. Visit 10 New Cities
83. Take a Trip Alone √
84. Take a Trip With Just My Brother (Jake) √
85. Take a Trip With Just My Dad √
86. Visit a New State
87. Take a Trip With Friends
88. See a Play
89. Visit a Castle
90. Go to the Zoo
91. Travel By Train √ (Completed 28/7/15; Laguna Niguel to Oceanside)
92. Travel By Plane √ (Completed August 2015)
93. Travel By Boat (Not Necessarily A Cruise)
94. Climb King Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh
95. Visit A French Town (Obviously, Outside of Paris…) √
96. Cross At Least 3 Items Off My ‘Europe Bucket List
97. Cross At Least 1 Item Off My ‘North America Bucket List
98. Go On a Weekend Trip √
99. Rent an Airbnb
100. Go to the Movies in Another Country
101. See at Least 5 Man-Made Landmarks

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22 comments on “101 in 1001”

  1. Oof I’ve been meaning to get my license for awhile now. / Loving #8! / #61!!! / Good luck and have fun ticking things off your list 😀 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Gah, the license thing, right?! I’ve been so lazy about it… people just assume I can drive because of my age and I have to be like… um, noo….
      And isn’t #8 fun! I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. Thanks for being so supportive of #61! So glad that you’ll be apart of it 🙂 xx

  2. Hi, Abby! I love this idea! I can’t wait to see the turn out of your list. I am sure you’ll achieve all of them! <3 -Josie

  3. wow-that’s a lot of things!!!

  4. What a wonderful list! Have a great time ticking everything off. 🙂

  5. I seriously love this idea, what a brilliant list! Now I want to procrastinate my work to make my own ;).

  6. OMG I’M SO DOING THIS! This is a great list, Abby! I hope you get to do everything on it!

  7. what an amazing list!! I’m starting a list tonight. Thanks for the inspiration. Ps: your college list is exceptionally exciting!!

    • Yaaay, I’m so happy to hear that you’re going to make a list, too, Zainab! Such a perfect thing to do with a baby on the way… make sure ‘cuddling’ is on there! 😀
      And I’m so excited for college <3 xx

  8. This is so cool! I honestly don’t know if I’d get through the, making the list part lol.
    Tegan xx – Permanent Procrastination
    Btw check out my sweet Lightbox Giveaway if you haven’t already!

  9. I’m so happy to have inspired you Abs! I love your list, good luck with achieving everything! Xxx

  10. I saw #69 and I seriously cannot wait! Love French so much :DDDD

  11. Hahhaa no… Just took 2 years of it in school and onto my 3rd! :DDD

    • JEALOUS! I took Spanish, because my mom is fluent and she could basically do my HW for me hahah… but I totally regret it now that I’m moving to France. No good ever comes out of being lazy. 🙂