♥ Three Little Things ♥

This morn I’ll be sharing three little recent obsessions of mine. Read on to discover more… ♥

1) Florals

I have been so in love with florals lately. My F L E U R Pinterest board is, in fact, nearing 4,000 pins! Flower favorites of mine include peonies and roses, but honestly, I adore them all. These particular images have inspired me tremendously:

1. Vintage Rose by Jacky Parker
2) Sunday Dusk by Arielle Vey
3) Repurpose by Cindy
4) Anemone Flowers (I wish I could give credit to the photographer! Whoever you are, this photograph is stunning.)
5) Weekend Notes by Tina | Scaling Back

2) Creative Portraits

Portraits are such a lovely photo genre. If only I had more models to experiment with, myself… hopefully I can recreate these images with a unique spin of my own someday.

1) Magic on the Lake
2) Photo by Elizabeth Sarah
3) Muku Kids
4) Mother/Daughter Photoshoot
5) Sin by Mira Nedyalkova

3) Simple & Elegant Clothing

Sweet and simple outfits are my favorite. While purchasing new clothing for my upcoming move, I referred back to these images for inspiration constantly.

1) Tiergarten Dress
2) This Photo (Again, who ever shot this picture deserves credit!)
3) Darling Lace Dolly Dress in Ivory
4) Vanilla & Lace by Abi Porter (who is spelling her first name way wrong, btw 😂)
5) 1970’s Olive + Ivory Lace Skirt

Well, I suppose that’s it for today!

xo, Abby ♥

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6 comments on “♥ Three Little Things ♥”

  1. I adore your F L E U R board, beyond pretty!

  2. Loving the Muku portraits and the dolly dress! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s