The Lace & Lilacs Podcast ♥ Episode Four

Episode Four

Happy, Happy Sunday!

This morn Lucy-Claire and I have a new podcast episode to share with you…

Enjoy! xx

(Apologies for the technical difficulties we experienced this week. It’s pretty bad at points… just a  fair warning. Podcast beginnings are invariably shaky, but we’ll get the hang of this quite soon. Promise!)

episode four synopsis

In this podcast episode, Abby and Lucy-Claire share a handful of their favorite weekly reads. From style to baking to writing and more, a little bit of everything is featured. You’ll most definitely find a new blog to heart!

lovely little things mentioned in the show


Amy Flying a Kite
The College Prepster
The Vanilla Bean Blog
Cider with Rosie
Knitting the Wind

Instagram Accounts

Theodore Fitzpatrick (The College Prepster’s Toy Poodle)
Marnie the Dog
Marnie the Dog in Paris!
Sarah Kieffer
Cider with Rosie

Other Links

The College Prepster Snapchat: collegeprepster
lovely little inspiration: sarah kieffer of the vanilla bean blog & her pumpkin pound cake
The 30 Day Minimalism Challenge
lovely little inspiration: sarah elwell of knitting the wind on writing prose & her photography

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4 comments on “The Lace & Lilacs Podcast ♥ Episode Four”

  1. I loved hearing how you both categorize the different types of blogs you read – so brilliant! And now I’m thinking I need to give my “About” page a once over ;). Thanks for the introduction to some new (to me) blogs as well!

    • Thank you so much for listening, Laura! I love your blog and have been following it for so long; it means a lot to hear kind words from you. xoxo!

  2. Sarah’s blog style is so unique and refreshing! Thank you so much for sharing her blog and for the inspirational interview you shared earlier 😀 / omg my friends are always linking me pictures of Marnie! too cutee -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s