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  • Why hello there, and happy, happy Saturday! I’ve been teasing the above photographs on Instagram for several days now, and am so very thrilled to finally share them with you. Now, I typically shoot in the morn, as I prefer unpronounced shadows and soft light, but these particular images were taken during the late afternoon. They’re remarkably vivid, and just slightly remind me of the fashion and editorial work I’ve seen in various publications. Sometimes stepping outside of your comfort zone (with – or without – a camera) pays off.
  • Speaking of stepping outside of comfort zones… I’ve arrived in Paris. More on this soon.
  • Have a fabulous weekend, all! xx

❁ links ❁

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Sending Hearts!


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6 comments on “lovely little things: photographs. thoughts. links.”

  1. I love the warmth and summery glow of these photos. So pretty! 🙂

  2. Love the pressed flowers! Those are great to make bookmarks 😀 Really love that first picture. Those sandals are rad -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Thanks so much, Audrey! I was totally surprised when my friend showed up to the shoot wearing them, but I LOVE how they turned out in the photos. 🙂
      And yess, I can’t WAIT to press flowers this spring. XO!