The Lace & Lilacs Podcast ♥ Episode Six

Episode 6

Hi-Hi, Lovelies!

Lucy-Claire and I are finally back with new podcast episode… hurrah! I apologize for sounding a bit (read: incredibly) tired in this recording. It’s the jetlag. ๐Ÿ™‚

xx Abby

episode six synopsis

After a brief, unintended absence, Lucy-Claire and Abby have returned with a new podcast episode for you all! In this week’s installment a little bit of everything regarding travel is discussed, from packing recommendations and flying tips to favorite travel destinations and more. Enjoy!

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2 comments on “The Lace & Lilacs Podcast ♥ Episode Six”

  1. I was listening to your podcast the other day and then my Wi-Fi cut out, so I’m just getting back to the rest today :). I knew we were kindred spirits – I always pack my own food for traveling, just so that I have a sure thing! What a great tip on choosing the best seats on the plane – I must try that next time!

    • Thanks so much for listening, Laura! Preparing food (and everything else for that matter!) ahead of time is always the best… no unexpected surprises! And isn’t that plane seating article so fascinating? xx! <3