A Dress to ♥ (& A Post-Christmasy ‘Video’)

Lace & Lilacs

It is late evening at the moment; I am laying atop my lovely floral Laura Ashley bedspread, contemplating nothing in particular. This is the very type of night I both dread and and delight in – I cannot seem to fall asleep (boo), but have an inexplicable urge to write… something, anything (yay). I would rather be dreaming – literally – at the moment,  but instead, I’ve propped myself up against two thick, poofy pillows and am click-clacking away at my Macbook Air’s ‘ol American keyboard (the French version is cray-cray, btw),  rambling on and on about the benefits of a (sort-of) writer’s insomnia. I am not truly a writer, you see, though I may be, someday. I may be many things… presently, I am working towards a degree in photography, and I am entirely sure this will not change; photo taking is my passion. As a child, I scrawled dozens of tales and fairy-stories into various wide-ruled journals, but I am uncertain as to whether or not I’ll ever write professionally. I don’t know what I’ll be doing professionally five years down the road, actually. Will I be a full-time blogger? A wedding/portrait photographer?  Both? These are the things I love. We’ll all see, won’t we…

Obviously I think too much while awake. Sleep, why must thee eluuude meee? (I know. I awoke around 11 am this morning. That’ll do it, huh? 😐 )

Shall we discuss this pretty-pretty dress now? 

Oof! First, however, maybe take a teeny ‘lil peek at the ‘video’ I created below. It’s simply a compilation of favorite Christmas-y photographs of mine from the three cities with Xmas markets I visited this winter: Bruges, Paris, & Colmar. Though it’s unrelated to today’s featured look, it didn’t quite seem worthy of a post of it’s own, and so I’ve included it here. Enjoy! xx

Lace & Lilacs

This dress is my new #1. I absolutely adore it… the lace sleeves, the cute collar, everything. Sources are as follows:

Dress ♥ Forever 21

Socks ♥ H&M

Shoes ♥ Modcloth

As far as the above images go, I wasn’t wholly sure if they were worth sharing… both are self-portraits, and I therefore somewhat lacked control as far as the shooting process went. Of course, I’m often highly critical of myself, so… 😉

Also, do forgive me for neglecting the ‘Style’ category for oh-so long! I’ll be making an effort to share outfits more regularly this year, okay-okay? Okay.

Have a beautiful day, all!

xx Abby

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9 comments on “A Dress to ♥ (& A Post-Christmasy ‘Video’)”

  1. Haha those bursts of creativity and motivation come at the most inopportune times; it’s always those 3AM thoughts 😛 But I love ’em anyway. I remember that dress from your haul video yay! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Agh, don’t they?! I usually have the urge to tweet my random thoughts in the middle of the night, but decide against it because doesn’t looking at bright screens make you less sleepy?! Hahah ANYWAYS

      (And gah, yes, that awkward video… hope it wasn’t too painful for you to watch :/)

      XOXO! Have a great daaaay!

  2. Abby, I adore this outfit! The whole portrait actually. Doesn’t every blogger know the feeling of sleep vs. writing. I know I do, and I always found myself to be most creative in the middle of the night… go figure! I hope you were able to catch some winks once writing this and that you’re well!

    x Lucy-Claire // sunnydaysandlovelyways.com

    • Thank you so much, girl! I often have the urge to write in the middle of the night, and am never sure if I should fight it or not… if I start writing I’ll never fall asleep, but isn’t it kinda worth it?

      And I did manage to rest after writing this thank goodness!

      Hope you’re well too, XOXO <3

  3. Oh my! The video is just darling! Those photos make me want to visit Europe so badly. And that dress is absolutely perfect on you. I really enjoyed reading. xx

  4. What a cute dress (definitely a #1!) and I just adore your video!

  5. gorgeous vid and gorgeous dress!!!