portraits of carrie anne

“I have a feeling that inside you somewhere,there’s somebody nobody knows about.”
― Alfred Hitchcock

A continuation of ‘Monsters Under My Bed’, a photographic project on the emotions and sensations we feel during our nightmares. This past Friday a professor of mine commented that the images don’t seem particularly nightmare-ish at all to him, and while I believe there’s truth in this, I also disagree. When I have terrifying dreams, I often find that there are moments of calm within them (eyes of the storm, if you will) and even bits where I feel happy; elated before things begin to go horribly wrong. It’s about suspense and uncertainty, and I’m hoping I captured that in a few of these pictures. Some of them I just really like and included anyways, despite the fact that I won’t be using them in my final series.

xoxo! I hope you’re all well,


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des photos de carrie anne pour mon nouveau projet

Bonjour tout le monde !

Je suis en train d’étudier pour les DELFs (niveaux B1) à ce moment, donc je pense que peut-être mon français va améliorer. J’espère qu’il va améliorer, quand même. Il faut que j’apprenne tous les conjugations… oof.

Aujourd’hui j’ai des photos de Carrie Anne pour mon nouveau project, ‘Monsters Under My Bed’ à partager. C’est à propos de les cauchemars et il y a une atmosphere un peu nerveuse et les couleurs sont surréalistes et hypnotiques, aussi. Est-ce que vous aimez les images ?

À bientôt ! Je suis très occupé aujourd’hui.



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8 comments on “Cinematic”

  1. Love this one and this one 😀 I love seeing the process that goes before the final product 🙂 I hope school is going well for you! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  2. ohhh this might be my favorite photo series of yours yet! I love the style!

  3. ¡Por favor, profesor! Varios de los fotos me dan una pesadilla!

  4. Lovely shots of a natural beauty (I need her sunglasses!) 🙂