So, these are some pictures I shot during class and I’m archiving them here because I can or whatever. I’m usually not a fan of the shit I create for school for many reasons which we won’t be going into here cuz I’m not feeling writing a whole lot of words at the moment. But yeah, despite the fact I much prefer shooting film these digital shots are alright. It sucks to not have a say over what the model wears, where we shoot, etc. but in this case I just told her to act batsh!t crazy and it seems to have worked okay as a theme, half-assed as it may have been.

Et voilà.

Model: Félixe de Becker 

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One comment on “untitled”

  1. She certainly served a variety of looks! I’ve never studied photography before so I never thought about how stifling it could be in school, since I’ve always done it on my own time and did whatever the heck I felt like 😛 At times like these, I’m really thankful that we have blogs and we can do whatever we want with them whenever we want! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s