we don’t know wtf we’re doing but that’s okay (25.11.18)

I turned 21 a little over a month ago. Annnnnd as to be expected, I took, like, way too many photos.

  • The night before (my ‘birthday eve’, if you will) my friendsies and I attempted a Harry Potter marathon… we made it through two and a half films… and at midnight they surprised me with the ‘Happy Birthday Abby we love you’ card pictured and honestly is was the sweetest, most adorable thing ever ugh. I just love them so much.
  • The next morning everyone had to do worrrrk for their finals (fall semester, senior year! woot!) so I chilled while they did their thing and blasted literally every Taylor Swift song ever, from Tim McGraw to New Year’s Day. Because, duh.
  • Around 3pm Kayoon, Brig and I headed to Marks & Spencer to pick up supplies for the breakfast for dinner celebration that evening. The weather was cold and nasty and we took an Uber back with literally like three bags overflowing with goodies.
  • Upon our return Ash surprised me with a gift from the three of them: new headphones!!!
  • Following this, I took and nap and afterwards we set up a cute little at-home breakfast buffet for us and our guests… Kayoon even brought the toaster in from the kitchen so we could heat up our bready edible things in the living room.
  • Claudia and Freddie were the first to arrive! They, being the actual cutest humans ever, gifted me the prettiest palm-tree snow globe and a strawberry shaped stress ball (which god knows I need haha?). I was a happy, happy human.
  • We chatted for a bit and then Melissa arrived! I hadn’t seen her since August despite her living here since then (she’s studying abroad in Paris for the entirety of her junior year) because my life had been hectic as hell. It was so lovely to see her… and she brought grapes for us to share!
  • So, then we had breakfast for dinner. And then I was surprised with cake! And candles! With fire on them and everything! I couldn’t resist picking up my camera to shoot a couple of photos while everyone was singing ‘Happy Birthday’.
  • After the cake we played Cards Against Humanity and ate Oreo cookies (Freddie invented the birthday cake Oreo + frozen raspberry combo which I’ll admit I wasn’t quite brave enough to try) and laughed a whole lot.

And that’s it. It was good.

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4 comments on “we don’t know wtf we’re doing but that’s okay (25.11.18)”

  1. ahhh what a fun birthday!!!! The treats look so tasty and Cards Against Humanity is one of the funnest games ever so yay!!

  2. What a wonderful way to celebrate with friends, food, and laughter! Looks like your 21 is off to a great start ^-^ // The stress strawberry is so cute // My friends and I tried to do a Studio Ghibli movie marathon after finals once, and we all fell asleep after one movie hahah -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s