My dad and little brother came to Paris and it was pretty damn great.

Okay, so I realize that the vast majority of what I’ve been sharing in this space lately has been pretty, um… depressing. I’ve been sad. My friends have been sad. Life, society, humanity, the world, whatever, you name it… has been disappointing.

But it hasn’t all gone to shit. Here are a few reasons why:

  • My dad came to visit in April! For an entire week! This is a super special, rather rare occurrence, especially around this time of year, as his business really begins picking up during the spring and he’s therefore busy AF. But knowing that I’ve been feeling down lately, he came anyway. Because he is the best.
    So, on Easter Sunday he arrived in the early afternoon and we went out for lunch and a coffee. Afterward we chilled for a bit at my place and chatted… my dad is such a wonderful person to speak with. Then Brigette came home and the three of us didn’t shut up for a couple of hours. Like, man, can we talk.
    The next day my dad and I went to the zoo! And walked around some more and saw pretty things and it was just great.
    Tuesday I worked in the morning (sad face) but afterward we met up at my place and hit up yet another café for a few hours. And then! Guess what?! On Wednesday my little brother (who’s, like, already 18… wtf?) who’s currently living in Belgium for his studies traveled into Paris to see us for the day. In the evening my dad took my friends, Jake (‘lil bro) and I out to dinner at a fancy-schmancy Japanese restaurant. ‘Twas very fun.
    But Thursday/Friday were the best… I’d been wanting to revisit Amsterdam for the longest time soooo… we went! Jake couldn’t come as he had to return to Belgium Thursday afternoon (we all departed from Gare du Nord around the same time, but on different trains) which kinda sucked but my dad and I still had a fantastic time. I took way, way too many pictures. Obviously.
    And then he had to leave. 🙁 But I’ll be seeing him again in less than a week! Long story, I’ll explain later…
  • Brigette. This girl’s presence in my life (and my apartment, lol) is saving me. No exaggeration whatsoever. She’s the only human being on this planet who totally gets me, even more so than Ash, due to the fact that she attends school full-time and has a job just as I do. Working and going to school is fucking tiring, guys. Oh, and the grief we’ve shared for several months now is just the cherry on top, isn’t it? Anyways. I’m so grateful that she’s staying with me at the moment as it allows me to see her more often. So, so damn grateful.
  • My second photo book is almost…almost… finished. I’m so effing proud of it. I began working on it the day Kayoon passed in early February and Briggy helped me wrap up the typesetting just a couple of weeks ago. The entire interior of the book is essentially completed, all we’re lacking now is the cover and spine… my friend Natalia, a professional illustrator, will have it completed by the end of the month. Kayoon would have been so proud of what I managed without her. It was hard, but I managed. I’m dedicating it to her. All of it was done in her honor.
  • One month left of work and school! That’s all. One month, one month, one month… I got this. (I mean, I actually work a few days in July but whatever, I’ll be 95% done as of June 30th and that’s good enough for me.) Let the countdown begin…
  • Taylor Swift. Girl is BACK. I’ve been a fan for over a decade now and am living for the happy, bubblegum cuteness of this new era. It’s just what my soul needs right now.

I’ll be posting photos from Amsterdam soon. ♥

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4 comments on “My dad and little brother came to Paris and it was pretty damn great.”

  1. Ahhh that’s so sweet that your dad and brother came!!! Just what the doctor ordered <3

  2. I’ve realised that as I’ve gotten older and have had to adult on my own, I appreciate my parents so much more and I miss being their KID, ya know?? Glad to hear that you had a great time with your dad and Jake! We could all do with more love in our lives <3

    Good luck finishing your second photo book and the school year! You've been through a lot and you've been strong! You can do this, one step at a time! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s