(not my) graduation.

Aishy and I met nearly four years ago, as fellow foundation students at Paris College of Art. At 17 and 19, we bonded over our mutual love for Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift (this was the 1989 era, guys…). Fast forward to 21 and 23, and he has more than marked his presence as one of the most important, constant figures in my life. There are very few people to whom I’ve entirely opened up, and with whom I can be totally myself without fear of judgment or reproach. He is one of them.

I myself withdrew from PCA after my second year of studies in order to pursue a French photography certification in lieu of an American degree. Ash (along with Kayoon), on the other hand, continued there until the very end and received a bachelor of fine arts in fashion design just under a month ago. Kayoon received her bachelor in communication design, too. Her younger brother Doh, pictured above, flew in to accept it in her place. It’s so fucked up that she wasn’t there. We missed her. We always miss her.

So, I shot about a hundred-million photos at and after the commencement ceremony, of course. The flash was strong AF which is why everyone appears to be about 1000 times whiter than they are in reality… oof. But whatever, these moments are precious. I’m so pleased to have captured them.

And ooh, looksies! I even made a ‘lil photo montage thingy:

So, congratulations, Ash. I’m so fucking proud of all that you accomplished this year in spite of the shitty circumstances you were faced with and the various setbacks you encountered. I love you.

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