literally just pictures of all the shizz that happened in may and june and july.

So, um, May, June, and July literally flew by, guys. Honestly, what the fudge even happened during these three months? Okay, May was quite eventful, I’ll admit that… what with Ash graduating and my trip to Thailand and all. But June and July? Seriously, it’s like I blinked twice and poof- they were gone. Anyways, I of course documented a hella lot of the shizz that went down, as always. So, let’s dissect (ew, gross word, I know) it all, shall we?

  • The weekend following Aishy’s graduation Brigette, Ash, and I had a bit of time to chill with Doh, Kayoon’s younger brother. Our initial plan was to visit the cemetery to gift Kayoon a bouquet of white roses, which Brig and I purchased from a florist near my/our apartment (she’s rooming with me until mid-September), but we hadn’t actually checked the hours beforehand (because we be dumb) and it turns out the cemetery was… closed. With that idea scrapped, we ended up glued to the couch at Alia’s place (where Ash was staying at the time, he’s since moved to the 18th and will be moving again come September), watching music videos and chatting away. There was something healing about spending time together like that. I dunno. Also… no, I have no clue as to what happened to those flowers. Whatever. It’s the thought that counts, I hope?
  • The day I arrived home from Thailand (June 2nd), Ash came to visit Brig and I at mine. We chilled and listened to this on repeat (I should mention that this isn’t really Brig’s jam, Ash and I are the ones with sophisticated ∼taste∼ in this friend group) and Brigette drew an adorable smiley face around Ash’s nipple. You know, normal things. Also, how cute is the Starbucks teddy bear my dad surprised me with on our last day in Bangkok? I’m obsessed.
  • Pride happened! I’ll admit, it wasn’t quite the same as last year… After all, Kayoon wasn’t here to celebrate with us. Girl LOVED Pride… she once had the idea for the four of us to attend three parades in the same year (Barcelona, London, and Paris) and create art inspired by each experience. Brigette wasn’t in Paris, either, this year… she and her boyfriend departed for Spain the same day as the parade. So I went with Ash for a couple of hours, shot some photos, and returned home early due to the boiling heat.
  • So, in an absolutely ridiculous turn of events… I’ve begun teaching Ash French. While my French certainly isn’t perfect, it is quite good and my knowledge of the language is def sufficient enough to teach beginner level classes. We usually have our lessons as Starbucks. Turns out cold brew is actually so freaking good, like I finally get the hype, man.
  • I met up with a friend and some of his friends by the Seine for drinks one evening. The half-used roll of film in my camera was only 100 ISO, hence the fuzzy, grainy photos. I still kinda like ’em, though.
  • Tacos and fruits and pineapples (which, um, is also a fruit, so why did I differentiate it? whatever, just gonna leave it as is.) were eaten.
  • I saw Freddie and Claudia in the very beginning of May. Freddie made me a lovely cup of tea… then totally forgot he had prepared it and remembered like an hour later and ended up having to microwave it before finally serving it to me. He’s seriously too adorable.
  • Bastille day was a proper thing! Ash came over during the day and the three of us chilled and napped (I mean, what else do we do when we’re together…?). Around 8pm each of us treated ourselves to coffee and headed out for the evening. We stocked up on beer and Coke zero, then made our way to the Marais to surprise a friend at the bar he manages. We each had a drink and chatted for a bit before leaving to install ourselves along the bank of the Seine… with speakers, of course. We jammed to our favorite songs as the sun set and awaited the fireworks… the view from where we were at kinda-totally sucked but the moment spent together was what we were there for anyway. At least, it’s what I was there for, Ash was lowkey pissed that he couldn’t properly blast ‘Firework‘ as the feux d’artifice went off overhead. Whatever, he got over it.
  • One of my English students gifted me the cutest little box of Belgian chocolates at the end of her final class. I mean, how cute?! I shared with Ash because I’m nice like that.
  • Brigette and I went out a couple of times towards the end of July… we hit up Starbucks together as well as the Jardin des Plantes.
  • Isn’t the river pretty? I shot these on the way home from a friend’s.
  • Last, but not least, Briggy brought me presents from Spain! Candies and incense, yes please! She’s literally the sweetest.

Okay, so that essentially sums up the vast majority of what’s pictured above. Capturing the little moments really is so important to me, especially given all that happened and all that we lost this past year.

Ooh, and I have travel plans for August! Next week I’m heading to Texas for a week to visit my grandma (she’s 91!) and assist (and by ‘assist’ I pretty much mean ‘chill with’) my dad at the trade show he attends annually in San Antonio. I’ll then hop over to Washington D.C. for a day and a half, as well as Philadelphia (a first for me) to finally meet up with Audrey in person after years of following each other’s blogs. I seriously cannot. wait.

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4 comments on “literally just pictures of all the shizz that happened in may and june and july.”

  1. Those are DEF a busy couple of months!! I always love seeing your photo recaps <3

  2. Yessss see you soon! These last few months have been a blur for me as well. I got back from vacation at the end of June, which was awhile ago, and I still keep catching myself saying,” I just got back from vacation,” haha.

    The Belgian chocolates look soooo good! // This makes me miss my Starbucks study sessions <3 // This also, in general, makes me miss my two days in Paris two summers ago!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Right?? I’ll be saying the same thing soon enough… “Oh, I just got back from the states…”… and it will have been like, a month.

      Belgian chocolate is literally the. best. // studying in a cafe always ends up being more productive for me than studying at home! // come visit!!