this is basically a post about nothing but, i mean, you can read it if you want.

This post is brought to you by… jetlag!!! My very favorite thing!!! Or… not. Whatever.

Jesus, I must be exhausted, cuz it just took me about ten literal minutes to craft those four opening sentences. And um, technically only two of them are, like, legit sentences. Fairly certain that slapping a period on the end of ‘whatever’ doesn’t actually make it a proper sentence. Though it should because, honestly, that one ‘lil word can convey a hella lotta emotion when pronounced with the right feeling. WHAT.EV.ER. Get what I mean?

Okay. Clearly tired Abby just took over there. Sorry.

(14 hours later…)

Okay, I managed to fall asleep around 4am, and woke up around 11am which quite frankly, isn’t all that terrible. I was hoping to be out (as in… asleep) by 2 but, um, obviously that didn’t happen. Oh well.

I considered starting this post from scratch, seeing as what I wrote this morning just after 1am is totally unnecessary and serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever…ย but I struggled piecing that shit together in the pitch-dark with my eyes burning and watering due to the obnoxious brightness of my laptop screen. So I’m leaving it, dammit.

Anyways! I returned home Saturday from a nearly two-week-long trip to the states… I hit up San Antonio, Laredo, Washington D.C.ย  and Philadelphia whilst there. And, um, guys… I shot 32 rolls of film. Thirty-freaking-two!ย I may have gone (more than) a ‘lil crazy over there. No regrets. I cannot. wait. to see the photos.

I’m in the mood to record some life updates, so here we go:

  1. While in the US I picked up a few cute new little additions to my apartment decor! Pictured above, a new postcard for my ‘art wall’… it’s the one of the illustrated Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, on the left of the illustrated postcard from Barcelona and the ‘je dis rien’ photograph that I purchased at an exhibition a while back. I bought a super-cute postcard in Philly as well with the intention of sticking it up, too, but I didn’t pack it with enough care and it crumpled up in my backpack on my way home. Sad face. Also pictured: the most adorable crocheted cactus in the history of crocheted cacti (because that’s def a thing) that I just couldn’t resist buying. Money well spent. (to be fair, I was on vacation, okay?)
  2. As far as my plans for what remains of summer go… well, they’re kinda super-duper lame. I have to complete my school inscription forms, organize my English-teaching curriculum, put the final touches on my ’21’ book (I’ve been putting this off for a month now because… I… lazy AF), begin gathering the documents required for my visa renewal in November, and repair my reading glasses so they’ll be ready to gooo when school starts. Thrilling to-do list, amiright? Yah, no.
  3. But am I doing any of those things right now?! No! Of course not! Because this blog update (which I’ll admit is basically about nothing whatsoever) is so much more important, right?!
  4. Which leads me to my next point… When did Iย (of all people) become a procrastinator? Okay, to be entirely honest, my definition of ‘procrastinating’ pretty much means completing tasks 1-3 days before their deadline as opposed to 1-3 weeks in advance. Not so bad, right? For, um, anyone but me. Because seriously, it’s a slippery slope, innit? 1-day-pre-deadline could easily become day-of-deadline which could easily become 1-day-post-deadline. No??? Maybe I just need to calm down. (Sorry, I had to.)
  5. So, who else is fuh-reaking excited about the release of T-Swizzle’s new album next Friday? I, for one, am READY FOR IT. (Sorry, again… I had to.) Of the four tracks we’ve heard so far, I think Lover is my favorite, closely followed by ME! and then You Need to Calm Down. The Archer is nice, as well, but I must admit, I prefer the others.
  6. Now that I have actual free time (gasp!) I’ve slowly but surely been catching up on the various movies and shows which were released between the end of last year and the beginning of summer… I finished Plan Coeur (aka The Hookup Plan) just before my trip, and started Dead to Me, as well, which I’ve been loving so far. I’m totally looking forward to the final season of The Good Place beginning next month, and Ash and I will probs binge-watch the third season of 13 Reasons Why when it drops (I have very mixed feelings toward this show, we’ll see where it heads…). As far as films, I finally gave Isn’t it Romantic? a watch and you know what, it was very sweet. Of course, being the basic bitch that I am, I obviously have a thing for romantic comedies (and Liam Hemsworth…) so yeah. There was no way I wasn’t gonna be into it. Highly recommend.
  7. Speaking of Liam Hemsworth… his breakup with Miley may or may not have crushed my soul. Not to be dramatic or anything but IS LOVE EVEN REAL? Brb gotta go rewatch The Last Song and cry over a pint of ice cream nobigdeal.
  8. No, seriously.
  9. I’m gonna go do that.
  10. like,
  11. right now.
  12. This post is over.
  13. k bye.

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6 comments on “this is basically a post about nothing but, i mean, you can read it if you want.”

  1. Oh my, 32 rolls!!!!! That’s a lot and that’ll be reaaaaaally expensive. WOW. Anyway, I am sadden by the divorce news. I hope it’s not real and hope they’ll work it out. So yea, can’t wait to see those new shots of yours. x

    • Yep, shooting film is not at all cheap lol. But it’s so worth it for major trips, especially considering that during an average month at home I only shoot about one roll. // Me toooo! // Can’t wait to share!

  2. hahah I swear I always get the urge to write blog posts at 2AM, but during the day I never seem to get around to writing them ๐Ÿ˜› Maybe I should just embrace it and start writing posts at 2AM…

    Why am I not surprised that you went through 32 rolls of film?? I CANNOT wait to them! I dropped off my two disposable cameras to get developed and can’t wait for those to come in either ๐Ÿ˜€ I don’t know how they’ll turn out and I’m fully prepared for all of them to be messed up as I could have been shooting on expired film, but I’m still excited!!

    I can totally relate to the slippery slope, in terms of procrastination and a lot of other things in life ๐Ÿ˜› But actually, I used to post to my blog 2x a week, then 1x a week, and then I missed posting once and now I don’t post regularly anymore oopsss. I’m working on it though!

    So sad to hear about Liam and Miley ๐Ÿ™ I never really followed the two of them closely, but I was listening to Comments By Celeb’s podcast (they’re @commentsbycelebs on Instagram, and have a podcast by the same name) and they were recapping the Liam/Miley saga, so now I feel invested and sad ๐Ÿ™ (I get pretty much all my celebrity/entertainment news via Comments By Celeb’s Instagram and podcast haha) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Haha you can make staying up until 2am to blog your thing! But I’m sure that the second it were to become something you HAVE to do you wouldn’t want to… that always seems to happen to me lol. // Ahh I can’t wait to see both of our film photos! Disposable cameras are always so fun because you never know exactly what you’ll get, and if the film *is* expired they’re sure to have some really cool effects. I actually kind of hope it was for you! // Right? I’m trying to get all my shizz together now that work and school are approaching fast, I’m already stressing despite being weeks in advance. Typical. And I think the quality of your posts is what’s most important and what keeps your readers around, not really the quantity. And thank goodness for that lolz. // I knowww, I never followed them super closely either but I knew they’d been together for ages because I’ve been seeing them splashed on magazine covers and on the internet for years. I just loved seeing a couple last like that, especially one in the spotlight. And ooh, I don’t now that podcast, I’m going to check out their Insta!

  3. i know this is an old post, but you said i could read it if i want, and i did, so i did. just want to say it’s been over a month and i still feel the gut punch about miley and liam. i’m not the biggest miley fan or the biggest liam fan, but them together? *tyra banks i was rooting for you gif goes here*

    love your blog!

    Xx Chantel