Postcards from San Antonio

So… last month was kinda-sorta-totally crazy. Like… I was in America, guys. And not just anywhere in the good ‘ol USA, but Texas. What a mindfuck.

Ah, okay, that being said, Texas isn’t exactly the most random of destinations for me to have gone (well) out of my way to visit. My mom was born and raised in Laredo and seven of her eight brothers and sisters, as well as literally all of her extended family, currently live in the state. My dad participates in an annual tradeshow in San Antonio and I was off work for the first three weeks of August, which provided the perfect opportunity for me to swing by (lol, as if it were that simple) and see him as well as my (91 year old!) grandmother who was driven up from Laredo by an aunt and an uncle of mine.

I arrived in San Antonio on the evening of August 6th, well past 2am Paris time, after two hella annoying flights (Paris→DC→San Antonio)… man, do I hate layovers or do I hate layovers? Anyways.

My dad and one of his employees (general manager), Anthony, picked me up from the airport. They’d reached Texas from California only a couple of hours beforehand and went out for tacos while waiting for my flight to land. We headed straight for our hotel, a Marriot Residence Inn just a stone’s throw from the Alamo, and I crashed, like, immediately.

The following week, an absolute blur, was jam-packed with activities. We/I sorted plumerias and delivered them to various customers, set up for my dad’s show, attended said show and sold many, many plants, strolled around downtown San Antonio, toured the Alamo,  saw a teeny, tiny percentage of the family members on my mom’s side, visited an adorable little market, and ate a fair amount of American junk food (Those blueberry mini powdered doughnuts, though? Froooot looops! And people say Americans have no real food culture, geez, the nerve of them.)

Some highlights:

  • I may or may not have bought a pair of baby blue socks with itty-bitty illustrations of the Alamo all over ’em. I only make practical, well-thought-out purchases while traveling, obviously.
  • Can we please talk about the ‘I hate tacos said no Juan ever’ t-shirt?! Like, that totally made my day. Maybe even my life, I dunno.
  • I saw my 22 year old cousin Mia! We were basically besties as children, being so close in age, and it had been nearly three and a half years since we last saw each other. Catching up was so lovely.
  • Um, peaches and cream soda pop… birthday cake soda pop?! These things exist, guys. Maybe the world isn’t such a terrible, goddamn awful place to be after all?
  • Mia mentioned this French film she loves and we watched it together one afternoon. It was super-duper cute, man.
  • There really is nothing like a pure, blue Texas sky.
  • Okay, so those unicorn Snack Pack puddings. Not gonna lie… I was so very tempted to purchase them if only for the unicorn temporary tattoos. Very proud to say I resisted. Abby, 1, disturbingly vibrant unicorn pudding, 0.
  • Also… those Diet Coke flavors… ugh. I wanted to try them alllll.

I guess that’s it.

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4 comments on “Postcards from San Antonio”

  1. All the food!!! Rocket Fizz always has the most interesting flavours of soda. Someone should make a Youtube video taste-testing all of them 😛 I remember seeing a bacon flavoured one once o.o

    Socks are pretty good as far as souvenirs go! They’re functional, which is more than you can say about most souvenirs ;P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Oh my goodness, I would love to watch a video of someone taste-testing all the flavors… like, I’d even love to MAKE a video like that! // Um, yes, sock souvenirs are officially my new favorite thing!

  2. ahhh I love San Antonio! I went there for my bro’s graduation from airforce basic training and went to the same candy shop and gelato place in your pics!! <3