Postcards from Washington D.C.

Last month I spent a day and a half in Washington D.C. and it was pretty much just… alright. D.C. has never been a fave destination of mine, in my opinion it’s rather sterile and uptight, but was I about to turn down an opportunity to revisit some of the world’s most breathtaking monuments? Particularly given that the only alternative was a five hour airport layover between connecting flights? Yah, no way, man.

I arrived in our nation’s capital (or whatever, blah-blah-blah) the evening of August 14th and headed straight to my hotel in Arlington, Virginia, a stone’s throw away from the Roslyn metro station, where I started my day bright and early the following morning. I loosely based my itinerary on a map I’d seen of the National Mall… After exiting the metro at Union Station, I walked toward the Capitol Building and, with that as an official starting point, proceeded to make my way through the various parks, museums, monuments, etc… in other words, all the historical shizz the city has to offer. Given that my time was limited I passed on literally every museum (I mean, sure, I probably could have squeezed in one or two… but… I was really just not feeling ’em, so…) and instead chose to focus on alllll the monuments and also that freaking amazing sculpture garden just across from the National Archives.

Once at the Lincoln Memorial, I took a moment to assess the ground I’d covered and to select my next stop. I also paid, like, 6 bucks for a sparkling water (literally just Perrier or some shit like that) at one of those refreshment kiosk thingies and damnnnn if it hadn’t been so insanely hot and I hadn’t been so desperately thirsty I’d have been hella pissed. But whatever. Just travel things. Wait, what was I saying?

Oh, yeah.

I considered exploring around the Tidal Basin for a hot second, but ultimately decided against it seeing as Georgetown was also high up on my list of ‘places to go’ but is essentially located in the opposite direction. So, I walked to-there, passing Foggy Bottom and the George Washington University and lots of other shit-that-I’m-quite-sure-is-at-least-somewhat-famous-but-what-do-I-know-anyway along the way.

Once in Georgetown, I did the following things: 1) I checked out many, many shops and purchased the astrology book pictured above at Paper Source because I couldn’t resist, darnit. 2) Got my eyebrows threaded. It was so effing expensive, geez. It’s, like, 7 euros here in Paris? 3) Wait that’s actually all I did in Georgetown, why did I feel like I did more, lol?

I then traipsed over to the waterfront and took in the breathtaking views yadda-yadda. It was already early evening by this point, so I Ubered back to my hotel from there and slept so hard.

But wait! There’s more! Thursday I ditched D.C. for Philly (more on that to come…), but Friday morning I managed to squeeze in a brief trip to Arlington National Cemetery before my flight. As you can see above.

Some little highlights from Washington:

  • Astronaut ice cream! This stuff is seriously the. shit. It defined my childhood, no exaggeration. I brought some back for Ash and Brig. They were not impressed. Whatever.
  • The architecture in Georgetown is hellaaaa cuuute, guys! I would’ve taken approximately 1379283472 more pictures if not for the cars parked in front of all the adorable buildings. Cars just ruin everything, geesh.
  • I was living for the all the flowers bloom. Pink ones and yellow ones and white ones! Just, everywhere. They made the stifling summer heat bearable.
  • Starbucks. It’s better in the US. Period. Sorry not sorry. It’s the cold, hard truth.

That’s all!

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2 comments on “Postcards from Washington D.C.”

  1. gahhh I haven’t been to DC yet and I really want to! Soon hopefully!