Postcards from Philadelphia

Remember that trip I went on last month? 12 days in America? Yeah, that was an actual thing that happened. Crazy, innit?

In the two weeks that’ve passed since I shared my photos from Washington D.C. I’ve been coming to terms with once again grappling with a full academic workload and guys I am so not used to it and I am already so overwhelmed. I mean, I absolutely love what I’m learning so I’m in no way lacking in motivation… but damn. Why did I minor in French literature, again? Do I really hate myself that much? (the answer is yes, apparently.)

Anywaaays, god willing I’ll somehow manage to pass all (or at least most of… phonétique is fucking killing me, guys) my classes. Yahhhh.

As for these photos… they’re all from Philly! (I mean, duh, the post is titled ‘Postcards from Philadelphia’. After all.) As I was planning to spend a few days in D.C. mid-August, I figured I’d reach out to Audrey and ask if she’d be free to hang out and show me around Philly for a day… since Philadelphia is close to D.C. and all that. When else would I have the opportunity to head up there, you know? It’s not like I visit the states often. So, yeah, I sent her an e-mail and was thrilled when she responded with an enthusiastic yes! I booked my train tickets from Union Station to 30th Street Station almost immediately and before I knew it, it was already August 15th.

Meeting Audrey in person after being ‘internet friends’ for over 5 years (wtf?) was super-duper cool and fun and just goes to show why and how the interwebs can be a positive, enriching environment for people to meet and connect. She’s been living in Philadelphia for a pretty long while now and came up with the perfect day-long itinerary (which she then texted me afterward so I wouldn’t forget where we went) for my very first time in the city.

I arrived at 30th Street Station just after 11am and we walked straight to Walnut Street Cafe for lunch (I had a Caesar salad with shrimp and she ordered a burger with fries). Afterward, we headed back to 30th St Station and took the subway to Old City, where we saw Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. We then hit up a few shops: Omoi Zakka, Philly Sock Shop, Philadelphia Independents, and the cutest florist evah, Petit Jardin en Ville. After… we strolled down Elfreth’s Alley and then walked to South Street. There we checked out the Green Line Cafe, South Street Art Mart (um, I could move into this shop), Brickbat Books (same), and Raxx Vintage Emporium (also, same). As we were quite tired and had been walking in the hot sun all afternoon, we decided to grab a Lyft (haha) to Rittenhouse Square Park in Center City, then admired Parc Bistro & Cafe from the outside (we weren’t hungry) and popped into Barnes & Noble, where Audrey purchased a book (she also bought a couple at Brickbat Books). Worth noting: the Anthropologie building beside the Barnes & Noble is STUNNING. Philly has a Shakespeare & Co. as well, so we walked there as I had a bit of time to kill before catching my train back to D.C. We drooled over the pastries at Miel Patisserie on our trek to City Hall, then walked back to 30th Street Station just in time for my 6pm departure.

I really wasn’t expecting Philly to be the highlight of my trip, but guys… I loved it. The French influence on their architecture is pretty damn prominent… and you all know how I feel about French architecture. The Frenchiness is mixed with an industriel New York-y vibe, though… and you just know that I adore NY as well. So, yes. It was great.

I’m superrr tired and mentally burned out after a week of classes + work and a full Saturday of studying so I know my writing today hella sucks but oh well. At least I managed to get these photos up before, like, December?

I hope you like them.

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