Today is my 22nd birthday!!!

And for the first time, like… ever, I actually have party photos to share the day of! Because, um, my birthday fell on a Monday this year and I was therefore kinda-sorta forced to celebrate ahead of time so I threw a ‘lil party at Ash’s place Saturday night with all my friendsies. I shot a couple of rolls of film but we took a handful of polaroids as well, as you can see above… Ash and Brig aren’t present in ’em (wow they are gonna be so offended), but they were there, of course, as were my dad and little brother Jake.

I started writing a really emotional birthday essay thingy a few weeks ago but ended up scrapping it because it was depressing AF and honestly positivity is all I want and need at zee moment. It was an effing difficult year, probably the hardest of my life… but 21 is over, 22 is here (oh, my party was totally Taylor Swift themed by the way, notice my outfit? The heart shaped glasses? The RED cake?) and it’s gonna be better. It HAS to be.

That’s pretty much it. I’ll have more photos to post after my 35mm film is developed so yay. I’ma try to make this year a good one. I mean, I’m seeing T-Swiz in concert in July so HOW could it be bad? RIGHT?!

Also, yes the cake was delicious AF and yes I spent WAY more money on it than I should have and yes I special-ordered it literally a month ahead of time and YES it was delicious wait I already said that okay.

Happy birthday to me. 

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4 comments on “22”

  1. happy belated girly!!! you’re gonna kick 22’s ass!

  2. LOL @ scrapping your depressing draft… That was me and the intro to my 2019 highlights post. I feel ya // Your cake was freaking epic!!! What bakery was it from?

    • Right? It can be so easy to get carried away venting about our problems, but this year all I want is POSITIVITY. Or at least, as much of it as I can manage haha. // From this one! https://www.commeungateau.com/ It was soooo good, oh my goodness, and soo gorgeous as well. I’m def gonna use this bakery again in the future, they have so many crazy cupcake flavors I’m dying to try!