polaroid picture diary, in two parts (12/19)

So, here we have all the Polaroid photos I shot over the course of this month, plus a little caption to go along with each of them. I used two different instant cameras, my super trusty Fujifilm Instax Mini 9, as well as a Polaroid Supercolor 670 AF that I purchased used about six months ago and only just a few weeks ago obtained film for and started to toy around with.

part one: fujifilm instax mini 9

  • Photos 1-6 were taken during one of my many long walks this month… because, you know, no public transport… cuz strikes. One of the few advantages of living life sans metro is the fact that it’s permitted me to see more of the city than I usually do, and to shoot more pictures around Paris, as well.
  • Photo 7 is a wee-bit overexposed, but if you look closely you’ll manage to make out “Aujourd’hui nos regards sont suspendus” scribbled onto the cobblestones. I thought that was cool, I dunno.
  • The eighth, ninth, and tenth shots are of Oli! I took them during our digital shoot/catchup session on the Île Saint-Louis.
  • Audrey and I exchange holiday cards and gifts annually, and this year she surprised me with the cookbook of my dreams… no exaggeration (I’m obsessed with all things sandwich/toast, for reals).
  • The inside of my apartment, featuring the insanely warm and comfy vintage coat I thrifted for just 15 euros last month.
  • Shots 13-18 were taken on Briggy’s 25th birthday! #14 is the blanket I had specially printed for her gift this year. It was kind of supposed to be a joke… but a very cozy, useful one that actually ended up being gorgeous (as far as print quality/colors go), and I am very happy about it. So was she, which is really all that counts, no?
  • #19 is the tea at the Grande Mosquée de Paris. It was a bit too sweet for my taste.
  • Photos 20 and 21 are from yesterday… I spent last week in Copenhagen (more on that soon- also, no, I didn’t shoot Polaroids there) and returned home less than 24 hours ago; I took these while unpacking. #20 is of the prezzies I purchased there for my friends, and #21 is of the postcards I bought to put up on the artsy wall situation I have going on in my living room.

part two: polaroid supercolor 670 AF

  • Notre Dame! This is one of the very first shots I took with this camera… as you can clearly see, I was still getting the hang of it… notice my thumbprint in the right-hand corner? Yeah. Oh, well.
  • Olivia came over while I was hanging at Ash’s about a week and a half ago, and requested I take a shot of her that shows off her new tattoo. It’s a bit dark, but I’d call it a success (the picture… not the tattoo, obviously).
  • Parisian buildings are my favorite.
  • A test-shot I took at home just after breaking out this camera for the first time.
  • Photo 5 (in case you lost track, there…) is of Ash, eating something or other while holding a bin beneath him so crumbs wouldn’t fall on the floor. I thought it was funny cuz it looks like he’s eating trash. Lol.
  • Photo 6 is Ash watching something on Youtube. He hates how his hair looks here, but I think it’s cute.
  • Ash in front of the carousel at Saint-Paul, in the Marais.
  • The very last shot is of Jake, just before he left to catch his flight home to California for the holidays at CDG. He’s holding a Polaroid I’d shot of him the day before, cuz he thought it was ‘trippy’ (a picture being inside of a picture, that is). I mean, he’s not wrong.

Okay, that’s all!

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4 comments on “polaroid picture diary, in two parts (12/19)”

  1. I love this idea! And really like the pictures of the walks around Paris. I have been walking quite a bit through Madrid lstely beacuse it’s been so sunny it seemed like a waste to hide in the underground. Also, how sweet that Audrey and you exchange Christmas gifts! <3

    Have a wonderful start of the year,

  2. Gag gifts are the besttttt. The fact that the blanket is practical and cosy is just a bonus ;P // Hope you get some good use out of that recipe book in 2020! <3 // loool love that photo of Ash eating over the can // Next up, Jake has to hold the photo of him holding the photo

    • I skimmed through the book when it first arrived, but a few days ago I properly sat down and read it cover to cover! There are sooo many recipes I want to try, thank you again x 100000! // Omg yes, we should totally make it a thing where every time I see him we take a photo of the last photo of him holding a photo that we took. Okay that was a confusing sentence, I just thought of that scene in Friends where Phoebe is talking about Monica and Chandler haha (they don’t know that we know that… I don’t even know how it goes….)