Postcards from Copenhagen (Strøget, Rosenborg Castle, & more)

The past few days have been a slight shock to my system, as it seems the winter holidays are at long last wrapping up… like, for reeeeaaaals. On one hand, it feels hella good to get up and get out and do productive, adult-y things in the big, wide world outside of my cute and cozy ‘lil apartment. On the other hand… um, why can’t I just chill all day, all the time, forever?? Chilling is my fave and I would be more than happy to hide from responsibility until the end of my days, seriously.

Buuut. That is apparently not an option. So. yeah.

Anyways, I’ve returned to teaching English classes in the evenings and have begun preparing for the spring semester at university which is rapidly approaching… like, it starts Monday, guys. I selected my courses for the upcoming months a couple of days ago, and honestly, I’m not over the moon about my new schedule, as far as timing goes. That’s alright, though… the semester is only twelve weeks long, after all, and I can’t wait to dive in and tackle all the new challenges that I’m sure to be presented with. It’s gonna be great, cuz I’m deciding it’s gonna be great. And look, I just put that in writing. So… it’s official. Or whatever.

Moving on… above are the very last film photographs I shot in Copenhagen over Christmas week. Rosenborg Castle was for a sure a highlight, even though I didn’t actually enter, as it’s closed on Christmas Day and that… is when I went. For once, though, I actually did verify the hours in advance and knew upon going that I’d only be able to admire it from the outside. I wasn’t dying to see the interior, I much prefer being out in open air and spending time in parks and gardens while traveling, as you’ve surely remarked. The Little Mermaid statue was another favorite sight… it was well worth the hour-long walk from my hotel.

Speaking of my hotel… at the very end there I’ve included a teeny peek into my room, as well as the view from my window. Also note the postcards and tote bag I purchased for myself and treats I bought from my friends!

I think that’s pretty much it. I’m not one to go on and on about all the must-see sights or to give recommendations for where to eat, sleep, etc. whilst traveling to a destination I’ve only been to once (not to be rude, but so many bloggers do this? It’s one thing to be qualified to give advice pertaining to the city you call home, but to spend three days in a place and suddenly claim to know all the best spots? Maybe I’m being kinda judgmental, in which case… sorry 🙃). So… I’m signing off here. Copenhagen was gorgeous. I go back to school Monday. 2020, let’s do this.

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5 comments on “Postcards from Copenhagen (Strøget, Rosenborg Castle, & more)”

  1. I saw your Copenhagen tote on Instagram and thought it was PERFECT Copenhagen souvenir for you hahah. Reading your previous updates about your trip to Copenhagen, the slogan seems very representative ;D Good luck with the next semester of school!

    • Right?! I am obsessed with that tote, it’s so much larger than the typical tote bags you find around so I take it pretty much everywhere. // Thank you! I somehow missed this comment and the second semester is over now but I think it went pretty well, at least up until the end there… lol?

  2. Hi Abby!

    Lovely photographs, it is indeed the best cure to travel bug and cabin fever. I look forward to seeing Copenhagen someday, it is on my list!

    I hope that you are doing well and feeling healthy. Let’s keep in touch!


    • Hi Hanna!

      Thank you so much for your sweet message. I hope you make it to Copenhagen one day, it was such a lovely experience.

      I hope you’re well and healthy, too! Yes, let’s!