Brigette designed a pretty outfit and Chloé wore it and I took pictures.

So, guys… guess how long ago I shot these. GUESS.

The answer? Nearly 11 months ago. That’s right. As in… almost one. whole. year. (The precise date being June 22nd, 2019, not that anyone cares). Several weeks prior to the shoot Brigette asked me if I’d be up for photographing her end-of-year creation(s) for school and I obviously agreed to, seeing as Brig is, after all, one of my two very best friends in the whole, wide world. I just adore this girl and, um, how freaking TALENTED is she?! Like… just look at that top and skirt. She made them. The gorgeous bag? She made it. Her attention to detail is so effing admirable, I’m never not amazed by her work. Anyway…

I myself was overrun with assignments and responsibilities at the time, so I wasn’t able to retouch the images myself. I simply handed the raw files over to Briggy and she did as she pleased with them on her own. Since shooting this series, however, I’ve been itching to edit it in my own style and thanks to quarantine I finally had the time to sit down and attack this body of work.

All credits for this look go to Brigette Maseke (design + styling), and Chloé Tournier-Decret was the perfect model.

That’s all. Happy last week of confinement (to those who reside in France)! xx

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One comment on “Brigette designed a pretty outfit and Chloé wore it and I took pictures.”

  1. oh wow, i love this! the whole outfit is beautiful, and the photos are stunning. i know many photogs hate harsh sunlight, but i love the shadows it can cast. makes for more real-looking captures.