35mm film diary, pre-confinement

So, these pictures are only, like, eleventy-million years old…

Well, they’re from February/March. An actual lifetime ago. Or so it feels like.

Only just last week was I able to drop off the nine rolls of film I shot between mid-February and mid-May for development and like, wow, so effing much has happened since the “events” pictured above. Because in February an “event” was a (very caffeinated, our love for coffee is one of the few things we have in common…) visit from my ‘lil brother Jake.  An “event” was seeing an art exhibition at Musée de la Vie Romantique and then enjoying a piping hot tea afterward. An “event” was moving the furniture around my apartment to give it a more spacious feel.

What constitutes as an “event” nowadays pretty much sucks. I mean… you’ve seen the news. You know what I mean. The world has gone to shit. And it wasn’t exactly all rainbows and butterflies to begin with, so. Yeah.

Anyway, I was still delighted to receive these scans yesterday evening. The first few weeks of May (and, um, literally all of April) were pretty damn miserable for me. It all culminated with an MRI of my head and brain on the 19th, following a two-week long headache that no pain medication could completely shake. The results were fine, thank goodness… but wow. That sucked.

Since then I’ve been doing surprisingly well. I suppose I’ll share more on that later, I have two more posts scheduled at the moment: one detailing my “confinement” in images, and another on “post-confinement”. I guess we’ll chat “pre-confinement” now, then. Let’s go.

  • One of my very last outings was to see this expo, which I didn’t especially love.
  • When I had a mini-breakdown in February (which I think I mentioned here), I ended up staying with my Aishy for a few days. Jake came to visit shortly after. We drank coffee and chilled in cafés and he got on my nerves. Pretty standard for a visit from a little brother, me thinks.
  • I also had my nails done in February… and haven’t since then. Because, quarantine. (Which is now over but I’m poor, so…)
  • Oh, yeah, and Jake and I did spend one night in a hotel while he was here. My mom insisted on it because she was worried about a possible gas leak in my apartment. There wasn’t one. Shocker. (A plumber did come to investigate, though, there was a leak of some sort in the hallway, but thankfully it wasn’t in my apartment.)
  • Oh, and yes, the furniture was rearranged! I also finally stuck up the postcards I purchased in Copenhagen. They have since fallen down ten thousand times because double-sided Scotch tape is a scam.
  • I also shot quite a few photos just out and about in Paris. This city really can be pretty, even when it’s dismally grey.

Well, that’s all for now. I’m going to go enjoy the sunshine.

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One comment on “35mm film diary, pre-confinement”

  1. ahh I’m relieved to hear your MRI results turned out okay! <3 // I can never get anything to stick on my walls either!!!! I can only dare to hope to stick up little postcards or thin A4 poster prints, and even then, they fall down half the time. I use sticky tack ): -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s