35mm film diary, post-confinement

So, this is pretty much what life has looked like since confinement ended.

Let’s dig into the specifics, shall we?

  • Hot and sunny days are our favorite days. Ash and I have been abusing his Bose speakers (um, Lady Gaga’s new album was released a few weeks ago, after all, and it SLAYS), drinking obscene amounts of Starbucks, and chilling on the quais when the weather permits. Masks and hand sanitizer always in tow, of course (though the rules and regulations here in France are slowly becoming less and less strict… regardless, better safe than sorry).
  • I’ve been walking a hella lot as well. It sure beats the metro, especially during the summer. Added bonus: I can take more pictures this way. 😊
  •  Mini soirées with friends on the riverbank have also become the norm since quarantine officially ended. This makes me real happy.
  • Um, on a less positive (however totally under my control) note… my Coca-Cola habit (a word I prefer to use in lieu of… “addiction”…) is kinda/sorta/totally making a comeback. Oopsie?
  • I saw Jo for the first time in, like, over two freaking years the other day! Honestly, where did the time go? We literally went from seeing each other in class every day to never seeing each other at all. It was so great to catch up with her.
  • Ash, Jo, and I also crossed a Californian film photographer while strolling around the Marais… he was quite cool and gave us some tips on where to find inexpensive film and affordable film camera repair services online.
  • Ash also played barber at one point. Lolz. He’s also been working out like cray-cray and I am seriously so proud of his effort and dedication.
  • Other things which have happened: Ash and I handcuffed ourselves to each other (giving “Stuck with U” a whole new meaning… hey, Ari and Justin), he drew a super cute flower on my hand (I’m now totes considering getting an actual tattoo there), and he painted my nails at one point… they look like I dipped ’em in white-out to be honest, but whatever.
  • Subway has become a regular occurrence. Because sandwiches are life.
  • Ohhh, and my Mr. Chubby pillow arrived! I am OBSESSED.

That’s pretty much it. I went on a mini-trip last weekend, will pop in to share the photos I shot soon.

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7 comments on “35mm film diary, post-confinement”

  1. I love the vibe of these pictures, it must be so quiet in Paris right now!

  2. LOL the quarantine cut. My brothers have taken to tying up their fringes with varying degrees of success 😛

    • Ahahah, tooo funny! I remember my dad calling me a few months ago; he spent half the call complaining about his hair. I guess as girls we have the advantage of being used to growing it out.

  3. There’s gorgeous water and buildings, flowers, and ice cream (or gelato)…I’m loving it

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