35mm film diary, autumn 2020

Merry Christmas!

I’d not had time to drop film off for development for months, hence the lack of pics over here recently. Last Monday I finally made the trip, though, so here’s a little fall semester photo dump for anyone who cares. I’ve uploaded the images to a Flickr album, which is available for perusing right… here:

autumn 2020

Some highlights:

  • I gots me an itty-bitty Christmas tree this year! Isn’t it just so freaking adorable?
  • During confinement (part II) I went on approximately eleventy-billion walks in the Jardin du Luxembourg and took approximately eleventy-billion-and-one photos of the pretty pretty autumn foliage. I just couldn’t help mah-self.
  • Prior to the second confinement, I spent heaps of time doing homework between coffee shops and Ash’s place. I also hung out with Saj and Ash tons, tons, tons.
  • I turned 23 on November 25th! Usually I post a ‘lil something over here for my birthday with reflections on the past year etc. but honestly… I just did not have time this year, what with my studies and midterms and teaching job and all. Dats okay, though. Ash and I enjoyed some cute, teensy cupcakes and he built me a new table. I don’t know what I’d do without this boy.
  • Also, the fall light was really effing spectacular.

That’s all for now.  ♥

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2 comments on “35mm film diary, autumn 2020”

  1. In love with these pictures! What camera are you using?
    Louise x

  2. It’s so beautiful there-I love how you capture it <3 and happy belated birthday! (I just realized you're the same age as my sister in law! fun!)