a few days in texas, august 2021

San Antonio + Laredo, Texas (2021)

I’m not quite sure what’s motivating me to write this post right now… it’s 11pm here in Paris and clearly my jetlag hasn’t yet worn off yet so… here we are! I spent nearly all of August and the first few days of September in the US. Before heading home to California I kicked things off in Texas, where (as some of you super longtime readers may remember) my mom’s family lives, as well as where my dad attends a yearly tradeshow event in San Antonio every August. I met my dad at the airport in Houston, where we caught another (very delayed, but I won’t go into detail on that) flight to SA. That evening I crashed at our hotel and the next few days were a blur of convention prep, convention-ing, and lots and lots of plumerias. We then drove further south to Laredo to visit my grandma (my mom’s mom) for a couple of days. Oh, and there was a horse! Which was, of course, the highlight of my time in TX. It’s not my fave state, for about a zillion and one reasons. But the horse was pretty darn cute.

I didn’t snap as many film photos as last time, mainly cuz, um, not much there has changed since 2019, but I did capture a few. You can check them all out below via the Flickr slideshow or on actual Flicker here if you want. Look!:

texas 2021

That’s all! I’ll have some California and some Seattle film to share soonsies (I know, three US states in one month, who even am I?!).


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