Postcards from Seattle

A few days in Seattle, Washington

While home (in California) last month, my mom and I decided to take off together for a few days, as we hadn’t traveled together since 2016. This was my second trip to Seattle, the first being a long-weekend with my dad and two brothers in 2011… so, like, TEN years ago?!, and I was anxious to return, as I’d remembered loving the city’s cool, weird vibes. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t fall head-over-heels for it this time around, however, that being said, I still passed an excellent weekend with my mom and am truly just so freaking grateful to have had this opportunity to travel with her given the whole…pandemic… thing that’s been happening. So yeah.

Anyway! Here’s what we got up to:

Day of arrival

We touched down in Seattle around 4pm, or so, if I remember correctly, and proceeded to make our way to our hotel. After dropping off our bags we headed down to the waterfront and then totally stumbled upon the Olympic Sculpture Park, which we’d originally intended to check out the following day. From here we were able to see the Space Needle from a distance (we didn’t manage to squeeze it in this trip) and we also strolled through a really cute beach? Of which I do not remember zee name? Wow.

Day one

A decent chunk of our first full day was devoted to Pike Place Market, of COURSE. Coffee, flowers, seafood, and knick-knacks galore! We admired lots of pretty creations and I purchased a cute ‘lil t-shirt souvenir. We stopped for breakfast burritos, crepes, and espresso (so, more coffee, basically). Ooooh and we made a point to pop by the Gum Wall (POP by the Gum Wall… see what I did there?!), which was totally disgusting and yet also one of the most fascinating, bizarre things I’ve ever seen, like, ever. And then… it was… AQUARIUM TIME! I’m literally obsessed with sea animals and was therefore so effing psyched to spend an afternoon at the Seattle Aquarium. We’d reserved tickets the evening before (as required in many places during these Covid times, ugh), and were soo excited to spend a couple of hours gawking and squealing over gorgeous and funky and adorable sea creatures and, man, this aquarium truly did NOT disappoint. I was partial to the octopus, the seal, and the sea otter. Oh, and the jellyfish fo shooo. None of this is surprising. Afterward, we thought it’d be fun to wander around the Seattle Antiques Market for a bit… and guess what? It was! It was probably around 3 or 4pm at this point, as we’d gotten to an early start, and rather than taking a break at the hotel we figured we could hit up a couple neighbourhoods before turning in for the night. We ended up walking from the waterfront to Pioneer Square, where we stopped for a bite at Cherry Street Coffee House. Then we explored the Chinatown-International District for a little while and headed back to our hotel around 7pm or so. It was a good day.

Day two

Mom and I kicked off our morning at Retro Coffee, a cute ‘lil coffee shop serving up delicious pastries and espresso (oh, and other coffee/hot beverages of course, but I’m an espresso NUT, so yah). Once caffeinated, we rushed over to catch the ferry to Bainbridge Island, where we spent the rest of our day. We wandered in and out of heaps of adorable shops (I purchased a stuffed animal and a super cute shacket) and stopped for coffee at Pegasus Coffee and lunch at the Amelia Wynn Winery Bistro, both of which were fan-fucking-tastic. The parks and nature on the island were also stunning and totally blew us away. The Pacific Northwest really is so lovely, it’s so close to California and yet so different in so many ways. We caught a ferry back in the late afternoon and then chilled at the hotel for a bit while packing. I think we had sandwiches from Target for dinner? Lolz.

The following morning we returned to CA. ‘Twas a wonderful trip, it was so nice to spend some quality time with my mama. Here are some more photos, if you’re curious:

seattle, august 2021

xoxo ♥

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