Postcards from Sicily (Syracuse + Messina)

sicily nov. '21

A short weekend in Sicily (November 2021)

So, it only took me eleventy-million years to get around to sharing this short little post about my trip to Sicily with Ash and my dad in late November (just after my birthday), but… here it is! Here we are! Better late than never, right?

I didn’t shoot heaps and heaps of pictures whilst in Syracuse and Messina this time around, as we were really only there for a couple of days and it was fuh-reezing, but I did manage to capture a few sweet, memorable moments, which I’m quite pleased about. It had also been ages since I last traveled by plane with Ash and Ash, my dad, and I always have the best of times together so all in all, the mini ‘lil weekend away from Paris was a success. Ash had to return to Paris for work on Sunday evening, but my dad and I hopped over to Malta for a couple of days before heading back to France. More on that coming soon-ish (hopefully! I’ll do my very best!)

Oh, and the best part of this bit of my annual birthday trip was for SURE the cinnamon gelato. Might just be my new fave flavor, tbh.

That’s all for today (insert smiley emoji here). ♥

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2 comments on “Postcards from Sicily (Syracuse + Messina)”

  1. sooo fun and beautiful! My great great grandparents immigrated from Sicily so it’s def on my dream travel list!