Oh, The Sea

Update: The slideshow/video mentioned in the post below has been removed, as I managed to embed the true Steller Story in its place. Disregard anything I wrote that pertains to the slideshow/video. Also: If the Steller Story does not appear, simply refresh the page once – that should do the trick! Enjoy & xo – Abby 

My intention for this particular post, regarding length, is for it to be rather concise. I have a bit of news to share – one matter is quite unfortunate, the other not at all -, along with a little video, of sorts {more of a photo-slideshow, truthfully} positioned toward the end. Let’s begin, shall we?

The Camera: My digital camera has, as of this past weekend, been acting highly peculiar… it broke down, I suppose. Though the DSLR will be repaired some time this August, I may be unable to shoot for a reasonable length of time. I am, of course, utterly devastated.

Thankfully, I discovered a little gem in the app store to entertain me for the time being –

Steller Stories: I am completely obsessed, and it has been a mere twenty-four hours since downloading. If you have an iPhone, you must join Steller immediately. I have published two stories, thus far, and though both can be viewed through Twitter and Pinterest, I suggest that you follow me – LaceLilacBlog.

On Steller already? Comment your username below, so I can enjoy your {unique & creative, I’m sure} work.

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to access the aforementioned app, the ‘video’ below is based off my ~ Oh, The Sea ~ Steller. Steller Stories cannot be embedded onto websites, so I created a brief, slightly less pretty, version of my first story below, utilizing other technologies available to me.

Not extraordinary, by any means, but I certainly did my best.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



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2 comments on “Oh, The Sea”

  1. oh no! so sorry about your camera!

    but I love that app and the video is gorgeousss