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Winter has been pretty shitty so far, but I’ve still been documenting all the things, as always.

polaroid picture diary (1/20)

21, the book

2019 is finally over, THANK GOD (also: 1 second everyday, 2019)

polaroid picture diary, in two parts (12/19)

Thanksgiving in Paris

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22…

35mm film diary, late-August to mid-December 2019

winter light

just a few polaroids from our little thanksgiving feast (24/11)


end-of-summer stuff (yes, I know it’s November…)

this is basically a post about nothing but, i mean, you can read it if you want.

literally just pictures of all the shizz that happened in may and june and july.

(not my) graduation.

Brigette & Ferdinand

My dad and little brother came to Paris and it was pretty damn great.

Did anything even happen in March and April, though?

Melissa and I walked a hella lot and I took pictures.

two goodbyes.

2018… so, I guess that’s a wrap

we don’t know wtf we’re doing but that’s okay (25.11.18)

we don’t know wtf we’re doing but that’s okay (because it’s Christmas!)

we don’t know what the fuck we’re doing but that’s okay: the book