Postcards from Lyon

So, last month I spent a weekend in Lyon! It was super-duper cute and photogenic and the weather was just fucking lovely. ‘Twas fun. And as to be expected, I took approximately 1037236429227921 film photos.

Apart from said weekend, not gonna lie, my October was pretty much shit. That said, I think I’ve managed to slightly sort out a few of the lifey-adulting-thangs that were freaking me out last month and have a much clearer vision going forward into November. I mean, I hope I do, anyway. In any case, my birthday is coming up so hooraaaaay for that. Yah.

Okay, that will be all.

I hope you like the pictures.

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4 comments on “Postcards from Lyon”

  1. Love Lyon’s architecture!! Weather makes alllll the difference when traveling. I talk about weather all the time and no one can stop me!!! // Sorry to hear that October was shitty, but glad to hear that you’ve sorted out some adulty things! I’m in a similar boat. In October I decided where I would live for the next year and got myself all settled into my apartment 🙂 I still have other things to sort out, but it helps to have at least that one thing out of the way. Good luck Abby, and have a wonderful birthday month! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s