21, the book

The story of this precious book, and how it came into being, began well over a year ago, now. It all started with the book Kayoon and I created together; I shot the photos, she, being a communication design major, took on all that had to do with design. The end result may not have been perfect, but it was pretty damn good for two 20 year old students, and we were so proud of it. I’m still so proud of both of us, and all the heart and soul we put into our little square, hardback collaboration.

Fast forward to December 2018: as I’d decided to prolong the photo series I’d been working on (the one that resulted in book #1) we decided to collaborate on a second book… a sequel to the first, if you will. Kayoon and I bounced ideas back and forth all month and I even made a preliminary selection of images to include in the first draft of the project. On January 17, 2019 we held a ‘meeting’ to discuss the page layout she’d began putting together on inDesign. That was the last time we officially worked together, in the coming weeks we were both too wrapped up with school (and work, in my case) to devote much time to it. Then… then February came. And we all know what happened in February.

Thanksgiving in Paris

Exactly one month ago my dad, Jake, Ash, Brigette, Berfu, and I celebrated our own itty-bitty Thanksgiving feast in Paris. I shot film photos...