Postcards from London











london is the loveliest…

(Well, it’s no Paris. But alliteration for the win, am I right? 😉 )

Bonjour, bonjour, all!

How are you on this beautiful Friday afternoon? I have had the absolute longest of weeks and, though my job here in Toulouse is a wonderful one, it is still… you know. A job. And so, I must admit, I have begun to count down the days until my departure from Southern France. Thirteen jours until Roma with my mama. Hooray!

This past week I haven’t put quite as much effort into my French studies as I feel I should have, but I suppose the mere daily exposure to the language must be having some positive effects on mah brain ? Oh well. I am still wholly devoted to the subject and have all of next year to continue pursuing my French-ie goals. I could ramble on and on about this subject… let’s save that for another time, shall we?

Anyways! London! Lovely, lovely, London. I have heaps upon heaps of analog photographs to share… above is the first selection of what will certainly be many. I hope you heart them!

Sending hugs to everyone. Happy almost-August!



♥ ♥ ♥

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Abby Ingwersen is the 18 year old founder, primary author, and aspiring photographer behind the lifestyle blog Lace & Lilacs. She is passionate about sharing bits and pieces of her life here, and enjoys travel, Pinterest-ing, and thrifting for vintage treasures.

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