~ Welcome to Lace & Lilacs ~

Hi, there!

I would like to officially welcome you to Lace & Lilacs… my personal, itty bitty space on the world-wide-web.


Shall we begin with a lovely little photograph? I think so.

Now, where was I?

Oh, yes.

My website… a dream come true.

Perhaps a year or so ago I realized that though I enjoy baking, it is not my first and foremost love. That is to say, I have no intention of pursuing it professionally in the future, or to be entirely honest, even cooking a great deal from this point foreword. What am I interested in, then, you may be wondering? Well, photography and writing, of course! So, just over two months ago I contacted the incredible/incredibly talented Lindsay Landis of Purr Design, explaining my vision for this blog’s future.

Lace & Lilacs is the result.

I simply couldn’t be more pleased!

Now, let’s delve into the details…

The Content

On Lace & Lilacs I’ll be sharing a bits of this as that. The focus will be on {in no specific order}:


Writing – including creative writing, book reviews, & my everyday ramblings.

Photography – people, flowers, prop styling, etc…

Crafts & DIY Projects

… and the occasional recipe!

The Quality

I must admit, the quality of my posts lately has been, rather… well, to be blunt: awful. This past year I had a serious health crisis, but attempted to pursue my passions in spite of this. The result? Some unsatisfactory work, weak writing in particular. To those of you wondering, yes I much healthier now, and I intend for my blog to be a reflection of this in the future.


Hmmm… I suppose that’s it for the moment!

Follow on social media- links to twitter, facebook, pinterest, & instagram are in the sidebar, along with a *new* subscribe by e-mail option. [note: e-mail subscription is not yet open, i'll let you know via twitter/facebook when this service is available]


- Abby

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