polaroid picture diary (1/20)

January in Polaroid photos

I kept a Polaroid picture diary last month, just as I did in December. Here are the images, plus captions (which read from left to right).

  • 1-3: I walked a hella lot in January, as the public transport strikes, which began in early December, continued well into the month. I took my camera with me nearly everywhere and captured little things that caught my eye. Like streets (1) and apples (2) and buildings (3).
  • 4: My little workspace/dining table at home. I shot this image not long before my classes started up again… which explains why there aren’t heaps of documents and texts and notebooks chilling next to that water bottle. Also, notice my space heater. I don’t know what I’d do without it.
  • 5: Just a wintry view from my window.

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