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Lace & Lilacs

Lace & Lilacs
Lace & Lilacs

Hi-Hi, Everyone!

This afternoon I have a super-special post to share with you all (and as it’s a collaboration, I’ll be writing exclusively in English. All the français out there are certainly breathing an immense sigh of relief that I won’t be butchering their language aujourd’hui sur le blog. 😉 )

If you happen to be anything like me, and given that you’ve stumbled upon Lace & Lilacs I’ll assume we have quite a bit in common, you probably (definitely) have heaps upon heaps of photographs stacked around your home, as well as multiple hard drives filled to capacity. ‘Tis a burden those of us who adore snapping pictures will forever carry. Of course, it isn’t all so terrible… because sometimes, when inspiration strikes, we’re able to create the most beautiful displays, cards, invitations, and artworks with our images. Which is totally fantastic.

Here are a few ideas of mine… I hope you heart them!

thank you cards

Lace & Lilacs
Lace & Lilacs

Thank you cards are my very favorite. There’s something so lovely about thanking friends, family, or colleagues with either a tangible card or a sweet digital e-card which expresses your appreciation. I adore this selection in particular, especially those which allow you to customize them with your own photographs.


Lace & Lilacs

Personalized invitations are the prettiest, no? A vibrant, personal photo makes the event to come unforgettable, in my opinion, and these invites are ideal for any and all occasions… as I someday to hope to be a professional wedding photographer, I couldn’t resist creating an imaginary invite for two of my friends whom I shot couple photos of several days ago. I’m already looking forward to designing birthday invitations for my 20th this fall…


Lace & Lilacs

I dreamed this display up nearly a year and a half ago, and at last made it a reality this past August. A bookshelf photo gallery, complete with fairy lights and only the prettiest of the prettiest books! The materials necessary to create one as I did? Fairy lights, scotch tape, miniature clothespins, and a selection of your favorite pictures, in print-form, of course! Oh-so-simple and insanely gorgeous.


Lace & Lilacs

Last, but not least… a ‘lil something for all those digital files of yours. I highly recommend saving the high-resolution versions on two separate hard drives (because better safe than sorry), but your beautiful work shouldn’t remain hidden away in the depths of dropbox. You invested time and energy in shooting and editing your images, it’s time for all of that to pay off! Create an online portfolio for friends, family, and clients to view all that you’ve dreamed up.

‘Tis all for today, everyone! I hope you loved these ideas… let me know how you display your pictures in the comments below.



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Abby Ingwersen is the 19 year old founder, primary author, and aspiring photographer behind the lifestyle blog Lace & Lilacs. She is passionate about sharing bits and pieces of her life here, and enjoys travel, Pinterest-ing, and thrifting for vintage treasures.

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