my absolute favorite thanksgiving recipes

Apparently Thanksgiving is nearly upon us? What? How even? As I scrolled through Instagram (a favorite social media app of mine) earlier this afternoon, I found myself pausing at one particular image, solely because of its somewhat shocking caption: four weeks until Christmas! This little fact certainly took me by surprise. I suppose this means 2015 is right around the corner… Yikes!

Before November’s approaching end, however, we have two major holidays to celebrate – these being Thanksgiving (of course) and… my seventeenth birthday! (Okay, so maybe just one major holiday, hahah.)

Though the majority of you may have already planned the better part of your Turkey Day menu, I do hope you consider adding one of the following recipes to your (delicious! and yummy!) feast.

Click on each individual image to be directed to the recipe… descriptions are provided below. (pictured above: an utterly simple pumpkin soup)

Butternut Squash Pound Cake

Ah, yes – this is the one image (though technically it is a .gif) that does not link to a corresponding recipe. My apologies! Though I baked and photographed this lovely dessert a month or so ago, I ultimately decided against sharing it because of its similarity to the pumpkin poundcake visible below. In order to make this sweet treat, simply replace the canned pumpkin in this cake with butternut squash puree. Enjoy!

Cinnamon Nutmeg Miniature Muffins

Oh, I adore, adore these itty bitty cinnamon-nutmeg muffins! Sweet, spiced, and small – just fantastic.

Pumpkin Spice Baked Doughnuts

This phenomenal doughnut recipe has become a special favorite to both myself and my immediate family. Pumpkin, spices, and that irresistible turbinado sugar… what’s not to love?

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