we don’t know wtf we’re doing but that’s okay (10.18-11.18)

Things pictured: Kayoon’s 21st birthday party Ash’s Halloween makeup the time I hung my friends’ laundry for them Kayoon and the calendar I had made for her birthday (which arrived, like, two weeks late ugh but it’s actually totally fine because I also gifted her the poptarts Brig is eating in a few of these pics) Ash sleeping to ASMR (which I am now obsessed with tbh) Diwali celebrations – and I guess that’s pretty much it.


So, I’m, like, 21 guys. And I have none of the crap I expected to have figured out by now… figured out!!! Woo-hoo!!! Life is so great and magical and being young...

Postcards from Lyon

So, last month I spent a weekend in Lyon! It was super-duper cute and photogenic and the weather was just fucking lovely. ‘Twas fun. And as to be expected, I took approximately 1037236429227921...

we don’t know wtf we’re doing but that’s okay/35mm film diary (8.18-10.18)

So, I’m not even going to try to pretend that this post is anything more than a crazy slew of disorganized film photos I shot over the course of these past few...


So, I shot the incredible/amazing/super-dang-cool dancer Ioi a couple of weeks ago. Here are some of my fave photos. ‘Tis all.


So, these are some pictures I shot during class and I’m archiving them here because I can or whatever. I’m usually not a fan of the shit I create for school for...

lots of pictures of carrie anne

Photographs of Carrie Anne James shot between last winter and this autumn. I (finally) selected and retouched a few faves to share. Soooo, here they are.

we don’t know wtf we’re doing but that’s okay (8.18-9.18)

August/September photos. Time is flying by and I’m not sure how I feel about it, guys. Anyways. Pictures. Woo-hoo. More from this series: 28.10.17 19.11.17 25.11.17 2.12.17 14.01.18 17.01.18 7.02.18 21.12.17 1.18-3.18...

(even more) Postcards from Barcelona

So, here’s the second half of those Barcelona photos I shared a few days ago. Let’s talk highlights, shall we? I mean, I don’t know if I would refer to this as a...

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