Tips for Decluttering & College Necessities

This Post is Sponsored by Target. As Always, All Opinions Are My Own.Start College Smart

Hi There, Everyone!

This morn I have an itty-bitty collection of decluttering tips, along with 12 back-to-college necessities to share with you all. The video addressing decluttering is below (I’ve typed the ideas out, as well), but first let’s chat must-have Target products, shall we?

I’d like to preface this list of wonderful items by making the following clear: this post is sponsored, yes,  but I use about 98% of these items on a regular basis, and truly am eager to share them with you. So… shall we take a look at the things I heart?

1) Itso Fabric Quarter Bin – Navy Blue Dots This particular bin is absolutely perfect for visible dorm/apartment storage.

2) Gray Solid Lidded Milk Crate I adore this crate. The neutral hue blends perfectly into nearly every decor theme, and it stores supplies and other little bits and pieces wonderfully.

3) Hamper Oval Black Every quality this hamper possesses makes it ideal for college life. The size, the versatile color and shape… I could go on and on.

4) Xhilaration™ Blue Hair Wrap Simplify the hair drying process with these lovely hair wraps!

5) Room Essentials™ 2-in-1 Shower Caddy Shower caddies are an absolute must-have, as anyone who’s shared a shower before will know. I highly recommend this one.

6) Trash Can With Lid Nocolor Round 5liter Room Essentials Ah, okay. Trash cans (and taking out the garbage, of course) are no fun at all. They are, however, a necessity, and I just love this particular lidded can. It’s the ideal size and shape for a dorm room… hurrah!

About Abby Ingwersen

Abby Ingwersen is the 17 year old founder, primary author, and aspiring photographer behind the lifestyle blog Lace & Lilacs. She is passionate about sharing bits and pieces of her life here, and enjoys travel, Pinterest-ing, and thrifting for vintage treasures.


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