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dublin day

At long last I’m sharing the analog photographs I shot whilst in Dublin this past July… goodness, how time flies. And to think I still have heaps of California photographs to post. From June. By the time they make it to Lace & Lilacs I might very well already be back in Cali for Christmas (I’m simultaneously dreading and looking forward to returning home for the holidays… on one hand, it will be lovely to see my family and our two new puppies – Toby and Mabel had babies last summer! -, on the other… I really, really don’t want to leave Paris. It won’t be an especially long time away from my favorite city. But still. Anyways…).

So, yes! Where was I? Dublin? Dublin was wonderful. For more on my experience take a peek at this post. Hurrah. Could we chat life for a quick minute?

My schedule has been particularly hectic lately, due to my daily classes and various assignments and projects. Apologies to those of you who have left comments recently – I’ve read them all and will reply the moment I have a bit of spare time. Preparing posts once a week is difficult (but totally worth it), as it is.

That’s all for now… I’ll try to be back soon!



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About Abby Ingwersen

Abby Ingwersen is the 18 year old founder, primary author, and aspiring photographer behind the lifestyle blog Lace & Lilacs. She is passionate about sharing bits and pieces of her life here, and enjoys travel, Pinterest-ing, and thrifting for vintage treasures.


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