winter light

So, um… just in case you forget… I’m a photographer, guys. Like, I have a diploma and errything! My mom framed it and hung it up in my apartment, so yeah. It’s pretty much official. Or whatever.

That being said… prior to this shoot with Oli on Monday, I’d not picked up my digital camera since May. Life has been kinda-sorta crazy and the linguistics degree I’m currently working toward has been my number one priority… but the semester has at long last come to an end (well, I actually have one final exam left but we’ll forget about that for a hot sec) and I’m so effing ready to chill and shoot pictureeees until the spring semester kicks off on January 13th.

I’ve been photographing Olivia for years (see here and here and here, for just a few examples) and she remains one of my favorite subjects to shoot as well as one of my most photogenic and constant friends. We met up for an afternoon snack/coffee by the Île Saint-Louis Monday and then proceeded to stroll around the island while taking pictures and catching up. It was quite fun. And um, FREEZING COLD. Winter should not be a thing, guys. Seriously.

Anyways, I just wanted to pop in and post these photos today. I hope you like them. Also… if anyone would like to hire me to shoot for them (weddings, engagements, families, portraits, I DO IT ALL, MAN) I would really appreciate it. Danks.

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8 comments on “winter light”

  1. the winter light looks good on you. love this whole vibe – thanks for sharing!


  2. lovely as always!! Also for some reason Olivia reminds me of Billie Eilish a little.

  3. I don’t even know where my diploma is hahah // I didn’t know you were pursuing linguistics! I double majored in computer science and linguistics, and my brother just started linguistics this academic year πŸ™‚ // I remember these shoots with Olivia! This set at the cafe and by the water is so dreamy in the light <3

    • Yess! It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that ‘sciences du langage’ is what they call linguistics in English. Which is weird, because in French ‘la linguistique’ is also a thing? But you know the French, they over-specify EVERYTHAANNNG. I totally forgot you double-majored in linguistics, for some reason it’s always the computer science that stuck lol. Maybe because even the thought of computers and science together terrifies me haha. If you ever have any linguistics tips feel free to send them over plzzzz. πŸ˜‰ // The light was so magical that day! It’s funny because on my way to meet her we BOTH got caught in the rain on separate ends of Paris… we had to walk because of the transport strikes and neither of us had an umbrella. I was so worried the rain would continue but luckily it brightened up!