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Happy Sunday to you all!

Though September has officially arrived, according to fact, at least, I am genuinely struggling to comprehend that autumn is nearly upon us. It may be reality, but when one resides within walking distance of the seashore…

Well, perhaps I’ll just say that seasons are inconsequential in my hometown, and leave it at that.

Of course, I adore fall, and am more than excited for the cozy, brisk months ahead!

Hmm, I suppose I’ll fill you in on my autumnal preparations below…

Life and links:

On Instagram: This week’s Instagram favorites of mine:

Tracy Shutterbean: Tracy Benjamin’s photographs are utterly flawless… her ability to capture life’s loveliest moments is entirely phenomenal.

My Darling Lemon Thyme: Emma Galloway’s images possess a simple, classic charm – each and every photo is just stunning! This, for instance. Ooh, and this.

Hannah Queen: Oh, Hannah just takes the most magnificent photographs! I so love her enchanting, picturesque images. Gorgeous, yes?

My Life: Just what’s been happening to me from day to day…

Autumn! Autumn! Preparing for the year’s finest season –

This Past Week…

I purchased a vibrant variety of  thick, comfortable sweaters… fall necessities, you see. Rusty Zipper is my vintage shop of choice.

I obtained an array of autumn-inspired Bath & Body Works candles… this is my absolute favorite. Their room sprays are quite delightful, as well.

I baked a sweet ‘n simple batch of seasonal miniature muffins – Mmmm….

Ooh, and I currently have a rather exciting project in the works. News to come!

 Around the Web: Bits and Pieces from the Internet:

Homemade watercolors? Yes! ~ Pretty, pretty pumpkin bars ~ Truth. ~ Best. Cookbook. Ever. ~ Adore. ~ Local Milk, lovely as always ~ Fun, Fun, (Vegan) Funfetti ~ Cuteness!


– Abby

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2 comments on “Weekend Things”

  1. I soooo need the Seriously Delish cookbook!