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~ thoughts ~

– I have gradually begun to comprehend just how fleeting this past year truly was… or I suppose I should say, truly felt to myself. Though 2014 will have consisted of exactly twelve months by the time the thirty-first of December rolls around, it has, so far, seemed- well, shorter. Significantly shorter, to be entirely honest. As November swiftly approaches, I have found myself wondering how it’s possible that my birthday celebration is merely a month away… wasn’t I just smiling widely before Big Ben in London on my sweet sixteen? Yikes. Can we press ‘pause’ on, um, everything for a lil bit? Pretty please?

– I (quite recently!) added two downright charming websites to my As For Inspiration… blogroll (which is currently visible towards the end of my ‘About‘ page). These beautiful, unique spaces are worthy of a mention: you must, must check out both Two Red Bowls and My Blue and White Kitchen. Seriously!

– Favorite Fall Things: Vibrant pumpkin patches (pictured above). This fragrant candle. Cozy socks. Warm, pale-pink throw blankets (preferably of the oh-so-soft sort). Deep burgundy nail polish. Oh, and pumpkin spice sweets & treats, of course!

~ links ~

Gingersnap Pumpkin Tarts from Heather of Flourishing Foodie. The stunning photographs…! An utterly lovely post, in every respect.

– Lindsey never fails to delight/amaze/impress. (gluten & dairy free moon pies with maple marshmallow crème)

– I just adore this Pumpkin Pound Cake Recipe from Sarah Kieffer. (I’ve prepared it myself countless times… oh, yes, it truly is the best! I simply cannot wait to whip it up yet again, this time with that dreamy sour cream ganache…)

– Three (life-changing) words: Homemade. Cookie. Butter. With any cookie! (via A Beautiful Mess)

Orange, chocolate, & (salted!) cream cheese perfection from Michelle of Hummingbird High. Love, love, love!



– Abby

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  1. oooooooooooooooooh homemade cookie buttterrrrr-clicking over!