A Wish List // June 2015

Happy, Happy Sunday, Everyone!

I have an itty bitty wish list to share with you all this morn… it’s also the first post in Lace & Lilac’s new ‘Style’ category. A few months from now I intend to launch an ongoing series featuring favorite outfits of mine. Stay tuned for updates!


  • Fine Feathered Fancy Dress (Modcloth; $59.99) I am hopelessly in love with this utterly adorable vintage-eque dress. The sweet, soft blue hue, the totally adorable pattern… ooh, but that price tag – yikes.
  • Lace Skirt (H&M; $39.95) Lace is my favorite (hmm, I suppose that didn’t come as much of a surprise to you all), and this skirt is the cutest. It would pair nicely with a pastel blouse, I think.
  • Full Flower Print Short Sleeve Flare Dress (Zaful; $19.57) I’m a wee bit obsessed with this style of dress at the moment – but can you honestly blame me? That lovely daisy print!
  • Lacoste Live Polo Shirt Dress in Sky Blue (Urban Outfitters; £60.00) How entirely perfect is this dress for everyday, casual wear? Paired with a cute little sweater and black tights, perhaps? I need.
  • Versatile, Chorus, Bridge Heel in Black (Modcloth; $34.99) Gah, I absolutely must, must have a pair of elegant, vintage-y, shoes like this.


  • (Custom Order) Typewriter Necklace – Gold Plated (Etsy; $26.50) How beautiful is this typewriter necklace? My eight year old story writing/typewriter-obsessed self would be delighted by this… and demand one for herself. Seventeen year old me is content merely gazing at it longingly through a laptop screen… for now, anyways.
  • Sweetgrass Crossbody Bag (Anthropologie; $98.00) This ‘lil bag is the prettiest. Worth nearly a hundred dollars, though? Ah, I don’t think so.
  • Pack on Track Backpack in Lilac (Modcloth; $39.99) The design is simple & classic (which I love), but the color of this bag is what I truly heart. It’s my fave.


  • Basic Cube Shelving (West Elm; $59.00-$99.00) This shelving is simple & elegant & I absolutely adore it. (I’m a total geek when it comes to organization. So, when I say I adore it… not exaggerating in the slightest. Is this a bad thing?)
  • Tobias Throw (SmartFurniture; $55.80) Throws are my #1 weakness. 90% of unwise purchases I’ve made in the past involve them. Not kidding. Throw blankets are why I am currently & invariably broke.
  • Six-Pack Abacus Print (Modcloth; $14.99) Well, this is the cutest wall print in the history of ever.


  • Okay, it’s shameless (except  I am a teeny bit ashamed, so yeah) self-promotion time: you can now purchase a select few of my original photographs as prints, phone cases, laptop skins, and more on Society6. The image gallery below features all the pictures available, along with the unique product(s) each can be printed on.



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10 comments on “A Wish List // June 2015”

  1. Your photos are so very lovely. And I myself would like to have that pretty white lace skirt.

  2. Ah! I am in love with all of these things! Especially that Anthro cross-body (I’m a sucker for that style!) Organisation lovers – Unite! Definitely not a bad thing!

    Can’t wait to see your style posts, soon!

    Xx Lucy-Claire // Sunny Days and Lovely Ways

    • Thanks so much, Lucy-Claire! That bag, right?! I can’t get over it. And ooh, yes, #organizednerds forever! <3

  3. I’m so so SOO in love with the sweetgrass crossbody bag! But it’s out of my price range too :'( Almost anything Anthropologie is out of my price range haha 🙁 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Hahah, Anthropologie… right?! I have to resist walking in when I pass by it at the mall – I can never afford anything there, and always leave feeling disappointed. Either that, or with a shopping bag filled to the brim and an empty wallet. :/

  4. I love that lace skirt too! What a great idea to turn your photos into prints and more – love!

    • Thanks for the comment, Laura! Isn’t that skirt gorgeous!? And you should consider joining Society6. Your recipe photos are always beautiful. They would make wonderful kitchen decor! <3

  5. ohemgeee I want that lace skirt!!