(even more) Postcards from Barcelona

So, here’s the second half of those Barcelona photos I shared a few days ago. Let’s talk highlights, shall we?

  • I mean, I don’t know if I would refer to this as a highlight, exactly, but that time Aish wanted Taco Bell and left me stranded in a Starbucks with a dead phone and no charger in order to go-to-there was pretty damn hilarious. I mean, I wandered around for like thirty minutes trying to find his effing Taco Bell but I got there eventually and ordered myself a vanilla soft serve cone. So, like, it was fine. Or whatever. (Also, this was somehow Maliha’s first-ever Taco Bell experience, hence the shot of her posing with her taco.)
  • Oh, and there was that time it rained – like fucking poured – and we were literally trapped in a café waiting out the storm for like two hours. Great times.
  • Ooh, and I almost forgot about that time Aish, Maliha, and I were planning to check out a club and decided to take a ‘lil nap before. Annnnd then Aish fucked up and set an alarm for 10am rather than 10pm so guess what we DIDN’T do that night? Jokes. (But I mean I was fine with it cuz I hate clubs anyway so.)
  • My Fucking Restaurant. Enough said.
  • We went to Barcelona’s Picasso museum. Which tbh was rather disappointing, I’ll be honest.

And I guess that’s it.

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4 comments on “(even more) Postcards from Barcelona”

  1. omg the Taco Bell story. I would have been so anxious! Glad y’all reunited eventually! Now I’m craving a vanilla soft serve haha. // I’m nooot a fan of rain. I’d probably hide inside as well, or just call a cab 😛 // hahah I’m not a club girl either. I did go to a party in NYC with friends and I was so tired the whole time but my friends were just getting their evening started! I would have loved an accidental 10PM/AM mix up ;P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


    I also love that bikini.

    And still hate the smoking. THINK OF ALL OF YOUR LUNGS PEOPLES! It’s 2018 why are we still smokinggg?