So, I’m, like, 21 guys.

And I have none of the crap I expected to have figured out by now… figured out!!! Woo-hoo!!! Life is so great and magical and being young is the motherfucking shit!!!

*and if you can’t detect the sarcasm you’ve misunderstood*

With that said, in all seriousness, I did grow a lot this past year. Weirdly, I somehow know both more and less about myself and what I want out of life than I did 12 months ago. It’s like things have become simultaneously clearer and murkier? Is this what being an adult is you guys? Cuz it lowkey sucks.

Usually I do a cute ‘lil roundup of fave photos I shot during the previous year… and while that’s great and all, I’ve found that it doesn’t actually say much about me, my experiences, how I changed, who was there for me, where I went and what I saw, etc…

That said I don’t actually have a better year-recapping idea so… here are a few photos (ones especially near and dear to me) I shot at the age 20. Woooo.

  1. My dad in Normandy. December 2017.
  2. Jake in Normandy. December 2017.
  3. Jack in Saint-Malo. December 2017.
  4. Jack in Paris (rue Cler). January 2018.
  5. Melissa in Brooklyn. February 2018.
  6. The Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park. February 2018.
  7. Kayoon and our WTF book! June 2018.
  8. Ash at Pride. June 2018.
  9. Walking to work (7ème). June 2018.
  10. Prepping to move. June 2018, I think.
  11. Decorating my new apartment. June or July 2018.
  12. Jake in my new apartment. July 2018.
  13. My dad in my new apartment. June 2018.
  14. Two of my best friends in the world. July 2018.
  15. Ashy and I holding hands backward in Barcelona. August 2018.
  16. Maliha and Ash in Barcelona. August 2018.
  17. Ash in Barcelona (I love photographing my friends while they sleep… totally normal amiright?). August 2018.
  18. Barcelona. August 2018.
  19. Barcelona. August 2018.
  20. Pierre in Lyon. October 2018.
  21. My three best friends. September 2018.
  22. Me eating popcorn by Brigette. September 2018.
  23. Le Marais. August 2018.
  24. Babies. August 2018.
  25. My dad in Paris. September 2018.
  26. My favorite wall in my apartment. August 2018.

‘Tis all. I’m currently hanging with my friendsies at their place (listening to lots of Taylor Swift, obviously) and tonight we’re hosting a small ‘breakfast for dinner’ birthday party for eight people. I also put on a pretty dress. I’ll have film pictures to share within 2-4 weeks, probably. Okay bye-bye.

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6 comments on “21”

  1. Happy 21st!!! I definitely feel like I know less as I’m getting older LOL. *help!! It’s not supposed to be like this!!* // That first photo of your dad is epic! It’s move poster material ;P // haha I love how Jack is so concentrated on his gelato // Ash sleeping & his puckered lips!!! ahahh what a gem // Wishing you another year ahead filled with wonderful memories <3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  2. Happy Birthday, Abs!

    “I feel like I know more and less of myself” – If I had to describe turning 21/anytime in my early 20’s I’d 100% say that’s it. Haha, I’m 23 and still feeling that way. It’s so funny because you think you have it figured out when you’re 18, and then your early 20’s happen and you move out of home/ fall in love/ become some form of semi-adult and everything changes haha. It’s not bad mind you, just an interesting transition.

    Hope you have the best year ahead!!

  3. Girl sometimes I feel like the older I get the more confusing stuff is. But…it’s all relative lol. Some good stuff comes, too! Regardless, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!