35mm film diary, march + april + also some may

Springtime updates

It’s been a hot second since I last popped into this space, mainly because I’ve been insaaaanely busy with school and work. My fourth semester of sciences du langage wrapped up on May 7th, however, and I’ll be done teaching for the academic year as of June 10th. That said, I’ll still be super-duper occupied for the next month or so as I’ve decided to take the C1 DALF exam this June. I really freaking hope I pass… in any case, I’ll be studying loaaads. so. yuh.

As far as how life has been as of late (besides crazy stressful)… it’s cute. or whatever. I didn’t shoot heaps and heaps this spring but I did manage to capture a few moments here and there, as you can see above… and in the flickr album I’ve embedded below. As always, I never retouch or even straighten my pictures so some of them are kind of shitty. But it’s about the memories, right? And I mean. It’s not like I don’t have a degree in this. Jokes. (but in all seriousness… I do have a degree in photography. so. license to produce crappy work? I dunno, man.)

Okay. I’m gonna go hit the books. If you’re reading this: love ya!

march/april/may 2021


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3 comments on “35mm film diary, march + april + also some may”

  1. okay i need context behind all those oversized teddy bears!

  2. I love these photos! The colors are beautiful. ♡