a few weeks at home (in california), late summer 2021

Home, again.

I’ve been back in Paris for just shy of a month now, and am currently…lowkey… drowning… in uni work. But that’s fine. That’s cool. I’m treating myself to a short ‘lil homework break to write up this post, which I’ve been meaning to do for several weeks now. But, I mean. Blogging? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Seriously, guys, my fall semester schedule is intense. I’m only working three days a week, fortunately (still teaching English, which I love), on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings, and I have class (like, my university classes) every day of the week with the exception of Wednesday mornings, which I devote to homework and catching up on pre-recorded classes which can’t take place in person (so amphitheatre classes, basically) due to the pandemic. Anyway, I’m taking a moment to share these 35mm film photos from mah trip home before I lose the motivation to. Just keeping it real over here, man.

So! Some things:

  1. My mom and I spent a few days at a timeshare in Carlsbad towards the end of my trip. We chilled in a tent on the beach one afternoon. It kinda rocked. That said, I’m like reallly bad at relaxing, you guys. Should probably work on that.
  2. I drank heaps and heaps of coffee whilst home, as per usual. Me thinks I shared a few of my fave spots in Oceanside/Carlsbad in this post, if I’m not mistaken. (Update: I verified, I did indeed so yah. Enjoy.)
  3. I wandered into so many little antique shops and boutiques with friends and fam and resisted purchasing (even more) seashells for my apartment on not one, not two, but on several occasions. I’m so proud of me, ugh.
  4. Walked on the pier lots. Obviously.
  5. My dad and I popped by La Jolla Cove after dropping off my brother Jake (the one who’s studying in Belgium at the moment) off at the San Diego airport one morning. There were no seals… sad face. Not the right time of year for them, I guess. Such a bummer. The view was still pretty fantastic, though, I guess.
  6. Our cat Misty is way too fat. Like… it’s not okay. Gah, she is SO CUTE, though.
  7. I met up with Audrey in Santa Monica!!! I seriously love this girl so much, I can’t believe we’ve only met up in person a couple of times?! We tried out Dogtown Coffee (the expresso was just okay but the other drinks looked fab, not to mention their breakfast offerings), walked along the pier, did some shopping (books + clothes). ‘Twas super-duper fun.
  8. Seeing my doggos was the besssst. Only Waffle (aka Scrappy… because no one calls him what I actually named him, of course) is pictured above but trust me, I cuddled with all of ’em (meaning, our three other fluffy ‘lil shih-tzus).
  9. My mom and I checked out The Goods, a doughnut/coffee shop in the Carlsbad village on my last full day in CA and dammmn, what a concept. Very good. I highly recommend.
  10. I also took heaps and heaps of plumeria photos for my mom and dad’s business. Yes, I’ll be sharing! When I have the time. Lolz.

Here are alll zee pics I shot, via Flickr:

california august/september 2021

‘Tis all for now. xoxo!

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