35mm film diary, autumn 2021 (+ mah 24th birthday)

Feeling 24 (+ a bunch of other stuff)

Okay, so I’m just gonna ramble on a little bit. Well, kinda. In list-form. Autumn 2021 highlights, let’s go!:

  • Jake came down from where he’s currently studying in Belgium to visit me a couple of times towards the beginning of fall, once in late September and then again in early October. We totally went to see the Arc de Triomphe all wrapped up and shit. Tbh, not a huge fan. But I try not to be, um, overly negative in this space so we’ll just leave my opinion at that. It made for some cool pics, anyway.
  • We also caught a couple of pretty-pretty sunsets. Woo. And I snapped photos of Jake snapping photos of his baseball mitts. He has a whole resale business thing on Insta running, apparently. I’m big-sister proud.
  • I gots my nails painted many times. Well, by “many” I mean, like, once a month. Praise Jesus for semi-permanent polish. The sparkly blue was by far my fave.
  • I welcomed some new stuffed animal additions to my apartment this autumn! First, a chocolate brown doggy purchased on Bainbridge Island with my mom in August. Then, in Malta: a giraffe, an elephant, a penguin, and a new teddy bear. And my dad picked me up the cutest little moose during his layover in Finland last month. More on my dad’s visit and our annual birthday travels (which were halted last year because of Covid… sad face…) coming soon.
  • I went places. Like the Jardin des Plantes and to cafés and around la Seine and le Pantheon etc. Living in Paris is nice.
  • On November 25th I turned 24! Which is, like, insane. I started this blog at 14, you guys. So, nearly ten(!) years ago. How. Even. Anyway, getting older is already… not as fun as it used to be. But my friends came over and we sliced a chocolate cake and I made them all sign the custom sweatshirt I had printed for the occasion and also Ash bought me the Red (Taylor’s Version) vinyl and we listened to the 10 minute version of All Too Well and yes, it was obviously perfect.

That’s all. Here are some more pictures:

paris autumn 2021

xoxo ♥

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