Postcards from Valletta

not me finally blogging this trip, like, 7 months later… 🙈

Better late than never I suppose? Oops.

Anyway! For our annual “Abby’s birthday” trip last year, my dad and I popped over to Malta for about a day and a half, and seriously, it was probably one of our most memorable b-day weekends yet. I didn’t have any particular expectations for Valletta and was therefore super-duper pleasantly surprised to discover how quaint and charming the teeny city is. As we visited towards the beginning of the holiday season, there were Christmas trees and sparkling lights errywhere, which I (of course) adored. The atmosphere was snug and cozy without being overbearingly so (see the SUNSHINE! pictured above) and my dad and I had the best time exploring little side streets and browsing through cute ‘lil boutiques and sipping tons of coffee. It was great.

I probably (as in, definitely) ought to have written up this post much sooner, with a fresher memory, so while I may not have very-very specific moments to jot down this time I around, I do have a few highlights worth recording… here they are:

  • Dinner at Legligin The concierge of our hotel (which was also excellent, but um, I don’t recall the name…) suggested this spot to us when we asked for dinner recommendations shortly after our early-evening arrival. The restaurant’s ambiance couldn’t have been more comfy and homey and lovely and chic all at once, and the tasting menu was utter perfection. Also, the dishware was really, really pretty, which of course never fails to earn points from me. Would’ve stolen all of it if I could’ve, tbh. (wait. I never said that.)
  • Fort St. Elmo This was, doubtlessly, my dad’s favorite part of the trip (mine is coming up next!). While war museums aren’t typically my cup of tea, I must admit, this one was pretty dang exceptional. The fort boasts some killer views and, as it turns out, Malta’s history (especially all the medieval shizz) is kinda freaking incredible? Who knew (besides lots of people who weren’t me, I guess)? Yuh.
  • Malta National Aquarium Soo, while this (fudging amazing) aquarium isn’t actually in Valletta, I’m cheating and including it on this list anyway. Anyone who knows me is aware that I’m an absolute sucker for anything even remotely animal-related and so this was for reals my #1 must-see on the island. I dragged my poor father to it (only fair, seeing as my mom had had her turn in Seattle just a few months prior) and we spent a couple of hours admiring sting-rays and fishies and jellyfish and all of the beautiful sea-life present in and around the Mediterranean. 10/10 experience.

There are, obviously, heaps of other sights and attractions worth checking out in Valletta, from Saint John’s Co-Cathedral to the Grandmaster’s Palace to the Grand Harbor (etc. etc. etc.) but the three spots listed above are the ones which still stand out in my mind, over a half a year later.

Ohhh, and here are all zee film photos I shot! You can also view them (larger) on Flickr, should you wish.

malta nov. '21

Thanks for reading. xoxo,

Abby ♥

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One comment on “Postcards from Valletta”

  1. Side streets and coffee are my favourite :’) Love the pic of the fish! haha